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PROJECT H.E.L.P – Ganges Secondary School Uniform Distribution



By the grace of Allah Ta’ala, the Jamiatul Ulama KZN PROJECT H.E.L.P. relief team continues to assist underprivileged learners with its school uniform drive and recently visited the Ganges Secondary School, located in Merebank. Most of the learners at this poor school are residents of Umlazi & Lamontville.


Alhamdullilah, on Tuesday 21st August 2018, the team distributed 100 school shirts & 100 grey school pants to every male learner from grade 8 to grade 12. The team were eagerly assisted by the deputy principal and educators.



Many of the students come from poverty-stricken homes and cannot afford to purchase a school uniform.


May Allah Ta’ala use our humble efforts as a means of attracting them towards Islam and may He accept the contributions of our donors and the efforts of all involved, Aameen.


For donations towards future PROJECT H.E.L.P. local outreach efforts, kindly deposit funds into the following bank account:


Jamiatul Ulama KZN (Lillah Projects)

FNB Umgeni Junction (200913)

Account Number: 5089 1141 828

Reference: Project HELP

Lillah or Sadaqah ONLY! 


Jazakallahu Khayran  

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