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Project H.E.L.P – House Repairs, Cornubia



The Project H.E.L.P team received a request from an elderly man to repair his council flat in Cornubia, Mount Edgecombe.


This elderly man is a pensioner who is constantly in and out of hospital for treatment of diabetes and for many years has been living in a flat with severe dampness and cement floors.


Alhamdulillah, the Project H.E.L.P team conducted an assessment of his property and deemed it necessary to carry out repairs in order to improve his basic living conditions.



For this purpose, a contractor was appointed to do a further inspection to establish the scope of work required and thereafter the following repairs were carried out:


  • Plastering of walls
  • Painting
  • Installation of vinyl flooring


Below is a message from him to the Jamiat KZN:


“I would like to convey my infinite gratitude to you and your organisation for heeding to my cry for help. My house is now looking like a Muslim home (clean) Alhamdulillah. May Allah increase the distribution of barakah (blessings) to you all Insha Allah.”


We ask Allah Taála to accept this humble effort of ours, reward anyone who contributed to this initiative and may He remove the difficulties of the Ummah, wherever they may be, Ameen.

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