Alhamdulillah, on 13 March 2018 the Jamiat KZN PROJECT H.E.L.P team together with its Skills Development Centre visited the 115-year-old Springfield Primary School on Alpine Road.  This visit was prompted by the findings of a survey conducted by the Skills Youth Group, which identified this school as being very deserving of assistance. Most of the disadvantaged learners come from informal settlements in and around the area. The school is run by a team of very dedicated educators and their student-teacher relationship is admirable.

Over 700 stationery packs consisting of a lunchbox, juice bottle, scissor, pen, pencil, sharpener, crayons, colour pencils and a ruler were given to the students. The team visited the classrooms and distributed the stationery packs to each learner personally.  It was heart-warming to see the excitement and appreciative smiles on their innocent faces.  At that moment, each of us acknowledged that we were doing so little yet the students’ warmth and enthusiasm was priceless.

The Skills learners were elated to be able to have reversed roles and to be the hand that gives.

The principal expressed that there was a dire need for uniforms.  The gratitude from both the teachers and the learners is still a vivid picture in our minds and Insha ALLAH we hope to assist the school further.

May Allah Ta’ala grant us the ability to fulfil at least some of the needs of these kids Insha’Allah.  They are at a very impressionable age and we make Dua that through facilitating these outreach projects we can be instrumental in directing them towards Deen.


For donations towards future PROJECT H.E.L.P. local outreach efforts, kindly deposit funds into:

Albaraka Bank Limited

Kingsmead (800 000)

Jamiatul Ulama KZN (Project Help)

Account Number: 786 0021 9999


First National Bank

Umgeni Junction (200913)

Jamiatul Ulama KZN (Lillah Projects)

Account Number: 5089 1141 828


Reference: Project HELP/Name

Lillah or Sadaqah ONLY.

Jazak-Allahu Khayrun

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