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Qurbani Project Rohingyan Refugees – Bangladesh



Alhamdullilah, by the grace of Almighty Allah Ta’ala, this year’s Qurbani project was successfully completed on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd August 2020. Detailed supervision of the entire project was meticulously conducted of each and every Qurbani animal.



The meat was distributed immediately amongst the Rohingyan Refugees at the Kutapalong, Jamtoli, Balukhali refugee camps and in selected boys and girls Madrasahs in Dakka. Due to meat being a luxury amongst the refugees, the recipients were highly appreciative of the generous donation of meat, which is seen as a rare commodity rather than a regular item in their daily diet.


May Allah Ta’ala accept the Qurbani of all those that participated in this most worthy cause and make it a means of huge rewards and barakah inshallah, Ameen. Jazakallahu Khayr!


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