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I would like to share with you a situation that happened with a little boy I know a few days ago. The incident really affected me mentally. The reason I am sharing this incident is to make parents aware and more involved in their child’s life. To have proper measures in place so children are not subjected to things far beyond their age.

This little boy is 7 years old. While he was at school he went to the boys toilets, when he walked in he saw two little boys preforming a sexual act. These boys were also 7 years old.

When he saw what they were doing he laughed and wasn’t aware at the time that what they were doing was wrong.
Later that day when he was picked up from school he told his carer what he saw. He said “I went to the toilets and I saw a boy licking another boy’s private part”. When he asked them why they were doing that, the boys responded by saying they saw it on Grand Theft Auto and were trying it out!! They laughed about it and said it was ticklish.

All three of these boys have no Idea that what took place was something wrong!! That they found it funny and had a laugh about it!

The question is why were these boys exposed to such games in the first place at such a young age? We as parents are responsible for what our children see and are exposed to! If it wasn’t for this little boy being so innocent minded he probably would have never mentioned the situation in the first place and us as parents walk around not knowing that these children see things and want to act upon them…
Please start taking more notice what your kids are watching. What they are exposed to. Build relationships with them so if incidents like this were to ever occur they’d know it’s wrong or at least come and talk to you without fear that they’ve witnessed it.

May Allah protect all our children from the fitna of this world. But the first step comes from home and what our children are exposed to…


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