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Report on listing of 11 “terror suspects” deviates to fuel alarm

umm Abdillah, Radio Islam Programming | 2015.02.24 | 4 Jumadal Ula 1436 AH


On Sunday night, The Daily Maverick, an online publication, self professed as one “for people with brains and money, and a browser” tirelessly promoted an exclusive interview with the first South African fighting for ISIS. It has now emerged (via their own acknowledgement) the interview with a man claiming to be an 18-year-old from Johannesburg who crossed into Syria from Turkey in January is not conclusive.


Speaking to Moulana Sulaimaan Ravat on Sabahul Muslim this morning, the author of the piece under review, Simon Allison said: It’s ridiculous for people to claim there is mass recruitment for ISIS in SA. My instincts and research tell me there are but lone individuals, definitely less than half a dozen. ISIS can’t recruit in SA, nor do I believe they (ISIS) have cells in SA.


When probed why it was a “ridiculous” supposition he responded: South African Muslims are moderate, well tolerated and well integrated in SA. This, opposed to Europe, where extremist groundwork has been well laid.


His communications with the so-called “Abu Hurayra” have all been via social media and the pictures are not verified, nor authenticated.


In his “exclusive” Simon Allison concluded: “If the Islamic State’s propaganda is anything near as effective in South Africa as it has been in Europe and North America, he won’t be the last.”


It is illegal for any South African to fight for foreign armies or be employed as a mercenary. Even if there are lone South Africans smitten by the ISIS propaganda machine, (its recently emerged members of an Eastern Cape family sold their house to move to Iraq to fight for ISIS militants) this sensationalism and fear mongering is a far cry from hard facts. Listen to the interview here.

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