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Reversion Forms

The Jamiat has received a number of calls with regards to the burial rites of reverts who have passed away and their bodies are in the custody of their non-Muslim families. In many instances the families refuse to release the bodies to be buried under Islamic rites and bury or cremate the deceased according to their family tradition. This is cause for major concern. In remedying this problem, the Jamiat has published Affidavits for reverts to fill in to ensure that their final rites are according to Islam. Forms can be downloaded below.

Revert to Islam Affidavit

Revert to Islam Affidavit with name change

Important Note for Muslims living with non-Muslims: It is important for all Muslims who are living with non-Muslims to sign a Muslim Affirmation Affidavit to ensure that they are buried according to Islamic burial rites. The Jamiat has received reports of born Muslims who were married to non-Muslims and whose bodies were buried or cremated according to non-Muslims rites due to the spouse’s insistence on the same.

Muslim Affirmation Affidavit

The document should be signed at a commissioner of oath’s office or police station and kept with a reliable person for safekeeping.

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