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SADDENED-Find Comfort in Seerah ( Poem )

When you think of the messenger of Allah ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) , you think of someone who lived a FULL and HAPPY life, always smiling. Yet, his life could have easily been framed to be one of misfortune and sadness, for if anyone had a reason to be sad, it would have been him ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him).Orphan, widower, survived 6 children..it goes on..it reminds us of the true reality of tests and pain, for they are all aspects of a world that is by definition imperfect and temporary that we may aspire to go to where there is no fear or grief ever again.rasool saw

You never saw your father’s face,

or knew the warmth of your mother’s embrace,

Your grandfather’s heart burned with concern,

Yet death would come to him in turn,

None to look up to, so you cast your vision to the sky,

When you speak the truth, it hurts when they say you lie,

Doesn’t it? Yet you move on, take it all in stride,

The honest Prophet who by his own people is belied,

With only two pillars of support, an uncle and a perfect wife,

And in the same year, each one would lose their life

Jibreel gave Khadijah his salaam, told her of a house in paradise,

but an Angel other than him, came to your house to collect its price,

You went to Taif, seeking support for the message you need to spread,

They laughed at you, and sent their kids to stone you until you bled,

At Uhud you were deserted, so they struck you with vicious blows,

and rumors were spread about Aisha, that caused pain that Allah only knows,

Your close cousin Ja’far’s absence was finally ended, from Abyssinia he would come,

But in one day, he would be martyred with Zayd your adopted son,

And Ruqayyah would pass away, and Umm Kulthoum as well,

You held Ibraheem in your hands, with a heart that breaks and eyes that swell,

Death would ask permission to take your soul but not the souls of those you love,

And you never expressed distress to the tests that came from up above,

The trials made you strong, and for Allah’s perfect company you would yearn,

For it is to Allah that we belong, and to Him is our return.


A Poem in Response to their Blasphemy of 
Our Beloved PROPHET ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) 

Mufti Ayyub jeena – Author

Has it ever crossed your mind whom they attack?
Ain’t you mind-boggled by their blasphemous track?
They should rather mind with Tom, Harry and Jack
Not with a PROPHET reverred by nations, white and black

They wish to defame HE who has the finest name
Whose reputation has outlawed every attempt of blame
Haven’t they always been trying to cause HIM pain
Yet, they were always buried in shame

The JEWEL of all the Prophets of the past
Till Judgement’s day, HIS law was revealed to last
HE taught man the divine manner to pray and fast
Like every Prophet, HE was of the finest caste

From the children of Abraham, the praiseworthy
HE would be called: ‘The Truthful’,  ‘The Trustworthy’
Jesus said: HE would be the Most Praiseworthy
In appearance, to Jesus HIS nation is more worthy

HE was the most handsome among one and all
HE out-shone anything on which moon-light would fall
Miraculously, HE always appeared to be the most tall
A lifetime HE spent making the Divine call

Simplicity was the highlight of HIS noble culture
HIS guidance encompassed even trade and agriculture
People embraced HIS call from a global multi-culture
To the finest degree, their charachter would HE then culture

A villager once entered HIS holy mosque, and in a corner began to urinate
The Companions were enraged at this uncultured trait
HIS compassion surpassed them, so HE told them to wait
After the man was relieved, HE only said: “This is where we prostrate”

A new muslim, whilst praying, did not cease to speak
People stared at him, till he almost gave a shreak
Later the PROPHET carefully explained that in prayer we do not speak
His remark: I’ve never met a teacher with such wonderful technic

A family was waylaid on some lonely road
A lad was taken and as a slave was sold
Some years later, he was as precious as gold
He was gifted to MUHAMMAD, so he entered into HIS fold

This slave’s father learnt where he was
He wished to release him with coins filling jars
But the boy said: No, like my MASTER there ain’t any stars
HIS character has reached far beyond Mars

Another teenager served him from ten to twenty
This age of adolesence has the most vulnerability
Says the lad: At times I would forget to carry out my duty
But never was I ever made to feel guilty

In the 90s, a man embraced the wonderful Islamic culture
We enquired the reason for his excellent venture
He read a book about the GREATEST PREACHER
So we asked what was that attractive luster

He looked down to think about the magnetic feature
Then he exclaimed: MUHAMMAD was a unique Creature
HIS entire life was of an excellent nature
HE was the best, and the Noblest Fixture

To Madeenah HE migrated to teach and foster
A Rabbi came to witness the pearls of the GREATEST OYSTER
He remarked: ‘This ain’t the FACE of any imposter’
HE is the Messiah, the final prophet on the roster

Embracing Islam, the Rabbi embarks upon a research
…to witness all the Prophetic signs, in a tireless search
One day when questioned about HIM, he replied without a surge:
‘I can doubt my son’s pedigree, in case my wife left me in the lurch

‘But the veracity of this PROPHET, doubt cannot rupture
HIS description is in the Torah, the divine scripture
That was conveyed by Gabriel, the heavenly teacher
To the Prophet Moses, the Trustworty Preacher’

In conclusion, everyone is invited to conduct a search
and not succumb to what is posed as research
For, it is easy for man, from the truth, to diverge
and find himself following some baseless ‘research’

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