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Salaah of a person travelling to multiple destinations

Nasihah (Advice): The Final Abode  

Sayyiduna Abdullah Bin Umar Radiyallahu Anhuma reports that

Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said,“When anyone of you dies, he will be shown his destination both in the morning and in the evening. If he belongs to the people of Paradise, he will be shown his place in Paradise, and if he is from the people of Hell, he will be shown his place in Hell. It will be said to him, ‘That will be your destination when you are resurrected and sent to it’.” (Bukhari)

Question and Answer:

Q. I just wanted to make sure, if a person made intention of going to Stanger from Pietermaritzburg for 10 days but during the stay they travelled to Eshowe for 1 day and came back to Stanger the same day, will the person remain a musaffir or not because the intention was to stay in Stanger? Jazakallah khair

(Question published as received)

A. If a person intends to travel for a distance of 78 kilometres or more from one location to another and does not intend to stay for 15 days or more, then such a person will be categorized as a Musaafir (traveller).    In the enquired situation, your travel distance is more than 78 Kilometres (from Pietermaritzburg to Stanger) and you are staying for less than 10 days. The travel to Eshowe does not affect your Musaafir status.   Hence, you would be categorized as a Musaafir in both Stanger and Eshowe and all the laws of a Musaafir will apply.  

And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa

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