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Sayings of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani Rahmatullahi Alayh

And your Lord says “Call upon Me, I will respond to you” (Quran 40:60)

Sayings of ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani Rahmatullahi Alayh


1. Consider the feeling that rules your heart, for then you will understand what you are worth.

2. The greatest happiness is not being dominated by happiness.

3. Our enemies are our greatest moral teachers, becuase they thrust our faults in our faces.

4. It is dangerous for a human being to be too self-confident.

5. The purpose of education is not to make a machine, but to make the human being.

6. Do you wish to be the master of a good servant, with whom you will be satisfied? If so, you must perform service for yourself.

7. You must keep your judgement clear of the mists of vain conceit.

8. Compared to the pleasure given by granting pardon, the pleasure given by exacting revenge is very faint indeed.

9. You must be such an ardent lover of truthfulness that every statament you make assumes the quality of a solemn oath.

10. When your soul is bored you must work.

11. Our strength is much greater than our will. In order to conceal this shortcoming, whenever we cannot perform a task, we say : “It is not possible….”

12. The human being is not in control of his feelings, but he is in control of his movements.

13. We have been created to rely on one another. If a stone is removed from a wall, as if to demonstrate the risk of that wall’s collapsing, and if one of us withdraws, we are left face to face with the danger if its collapse.

14. The remedy from poverty is not to bear grudges against the rich.

15. Do not trust a person who does not trust himself.

16. The human being obtains some of his misfortunes by failing to attend to his own comfort.

17. You must not do anything while you are angry. Would the sail be hoisted in the storm ?

18. When a persons authority is great, his effort and his caution must also be great.

19. To be a great man is easier than being a good man.

20. Are you not fond of life? If not, you must not waste your time, because life is a garment made from the cloth of time.

21. The display of fame most often supresses the voice of conscience.

22. Blood is washed with water, not blood.

23. Happiness does not exist in a place where justice does not exist.

24. Your most real enemies are the greed, the envy and the jealousy that live in your heart. These are the soldiers of the instigating self (an-nafs al-ammara).

25. For others it is justice, while for us it is compasion.

26. The fly does not enter the mouth that is shut.

27. We have not invented courtesy in order to showoff the goodness that does not exist in ourselves.

28. Success is a letter delivered by three mailmen. These mailmen are competence, endeavour and good fortune.

29. To reach and pass by the goal is the same as not reaching it.

30. Nothing can kill the power of the lower self, but everything serves to enhance it.

31. Those who make fun of you, those who try to get rid of you, they are the people whose applause you most often seek to obtain.

32. The thoughts of women are constant. From this point of view, the clever person does not shun the company of women.

33. Cowardice is the one thing that cannot be repaired by any means.

34. To live without commotion provides consolation for an unsuccessful life.

35. Hope is the money given on loan by happiness.

36. A man who has no confidence in himself can accomplish nothing.

37. Smiling is the shield of the bashful.

38. The best of men is the person who is most beneficial to others.

39. That which joins minds together is telling the truth. Lying serves no purpose other than seperation.

40. Concience is the best of the books of morality, so we must always make reference to it.

41. If we do not stick to the path that He has shown, the worship of Allah is no more than an empty word.

42. The success of a human being is measured by the effort he has exerted in order to achieve that success.

43. Only great spirits experience the triumph of success.

44. Trying to discover the faults of other people amounts to making no effort to deal with those in oneself.

45. People who miss the opportunity are many, but there is no one whom opportunity misses.

46. When someone rises high, he raises all spirits and this world too.

47. Good fortune is dependent on doing good work.

48. If you claim to have understood a reality, you must only do so after putting that reality into practice in your own life.

49. The best means of taking revenge on a man is not to resemble that man.

50. A heart that does not believe is like a cage that has no bird inside it.

51. So long as your heart does not support what is on your tongue, you cannot take a step toward the Lord of Truth.

52. O my Lord ! Enter the house of our heart without the slightest hesitation, because there is nothing in it whatsoever apart from the pain of separation from You.

53. When you have committed a sin, you must not lose hope of Allah’s mercy. You must use the water of repentance to wash away the dirt of sin that has been smeared upon you.

54. The sun of those who were before us (before Islam) have set. Our sun will remain forever in the highest places of the sky, and it will never set.

55. The whole of your aspiration and endeavour must not be for simple things like eating, drinking, clothing and marriage. That is because these are not the goal, but only the means by which to arrive at the goal.

56. Four things are the basic means by which the heart is improved and set in proper order :

a) paying very careful attention to every morsel that is eaten.
b) setting time aside for worship.
c) protecting the charismatic marvel (by keeping it hidden and trying not to broadcast it around)
d) refrainingh from things that keep the human being at a distance from Allah.

57. While eating lawful food is a radiant light, eating unlawful food is a suffocating darkness. Eating unlawful food kills the heart, whereas the lawful morsel brings the heart to life.

58. You must not take conceited pride in any deed, because deeds are measured on the basis of their final seal (their ultimate condition)

59. While on the ocean of this world you must be vigilant. You must be extremely sensitive, because many people are drowned and lost in that ocean.

This brings to the end of these fine sayings of our Master Shaikh Abd Al-Qadir al-Jilani (may Allah, the Independant Sovereign, ennoble him).

Allah is the Guide to the path of correctness, and to Him is the return and the journey home.

Extracted from “The Summary of Religious Knowledge And Pearls Of the Heart” by Sheikh ‘Abd- Al-Qadir al-Jilani (may Allah santify his inner-most being)

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