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Second Conquest of Constantinople & Emergence of Dajjaal?



If there will be no second conquest of Constantinople, what then is the meaning of
those narrations that speak of the ’emergence of dajjal’ shortly after this conquest.
This land was conquered in the year 857 A.H (1453), about 565 years ago, and to
date there has been no sign of ‘the emergence of dajjal’.



Two points which serve as both an introduction and conclusion of the issue


Point No.1)


Upon his emergence, dajjal, could either make an open appearance in
front of one and all, and thereafter begin his era of confusion, corruption, war and
deception. Another alternative would be to remain hidden from the eyes of the
general public; to employ the services of selected individuals; to set up secret
lodges and societies; to create a pyramid of evil, in which those on the lower level
understand very little regarding what occurs on the level above; and through this
pyramid to spread upon both the Muslim and non-Muslim world his web of evil,
drawing all into un-ending war and suffering, into lives void of morality, into lives
controlled by computers, television and technological chips, into hatred for family and fellow humans, and into countless other vices and wrongs, the worst being atheism,
followed shortly thereafter by satanism.

It is the understanding of this servant that dajjal chose the second option,
due to it being the easier of options in spreading corruption and confusion.
Just as a hunter continues catching his prey as long as he keeps his presence
hidden, so too is it with dajjal. However, due to his nature being that of a
‘boaster’ in practically every step of his dajjal has and continues placing
some sort of sign which loudly indicates towards his mischievious,
deceptive hand operating from behind the scenes.

Point No.2)


Dajjal’s presence shall one day indeed be made manifest in front of all.
This shall most probably occur after the defeat of the Christian, European empires
at the hands of Sayyidunah Al-Mahdi. The need for dajjal to at that time come out
from hiding shall be due to the fact that his pyramid structure shall have collapsed,
and there shall no longer be any army or government ready to ignorantly serve his
devilish interests, except for the Jew. In order to bring the cowardly Jews into battle
against the Muslims dajjal shall be forced to lead the battle from the front.
It shall be at this junction that the ‘hidden hand of evil’; ‘the masked
sorceror’; ‘the unknown elder of Zion’; ‘the one-eyed Horus’; ‘the grand
master of all lodges of freemansonary’; and ‘the falcon head of the
Illuminati’ shall appear in front of all in the garb of a simple sorceror, with a
flap over his face to mask the defect of his eye, surrounded by Jewish
soldiers, Jewish bankers, totally immodest women, and all those
who shall still still not be prepared to detach themselves from away from
his net.


And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Moulana Abu Muhammad
Ridhwaan ibn Dawood

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