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Senior ‘Ulema of South Africa on ISIS – Audio

Yesterday evening 22 April 2015 in Roshnee most senior ‘Ulema of South Africa gathered for a conference on ISIS and not only gave their opinions in a clear manner but also guidelines how to deal with this situation. The scholars include the following:

Mawlana Yunus Daya – Graduate of Darul Uloom Deoband. An expert on apostasy. Senior member of Muslim community in South Africa. Spiritually been connected to Mawlana As’ad Madani (rh) and now Mawlana Zulfiqar Naqshbandi (db).

Mawlana Muhammad Saloojee – Graduate of Darul Uloom Zakariyya and son of it’s principal. Heavily engaged in Humanitarian activities and many times travelled Syria for that purpose. Gauteng Project Coordinator of the Al-Imdaad Foundation.

Mawlana Shabbir Ahmad Saloojee – Principal of Darul Uloom Zakariyya. Student of Mawlana Yusuf Binnori (rh). Scrupulous piety & deep concern for the Ummah are amongst Hazrat Mawlana’s sailent features. Khalifah of Mufti Mahmudul Hassan Gangohi (rh), Hazrat Khawja Khan Muhammad (rh) & Hazrat Nafees Shah (rh).

Mawlana Ebrahim Bham – Graduate of Jamiatul ‘Uloomul Islamiyyah, Allamah Binnori Town. General-secretary of Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal (the Council of Muslim Theologians in Johannesburg). A profound and well-known orator.

Mawlana Ridhwan Kajee – Young teacher at Darul Uloom Azaadville. Regularly gives talks for the sake of spiritual upliftement of especially the youth. Prior spiritually connected to Mawlana Hakeem Akhtar (rh). Khalifah of Mawlana Abdul Hameed Ishaq (db).

Mawlana Abdul Hameed Ishaq – Principal of Darul Uloom Azaadville. Graduate of Darul Uloom Deoband. Abundant love for Allah, His Rasul and Islam and his kind nature are amongst sailent features of Hazrat. Senior Khalifah of Mawlana Hakeem Akhtar (rh).

Mufti Radhaul Haq – Grand-Mufti of South Africa. Shaykhul Hadith at Darul Uloom Zakariyya. Senior student of Mawlana Yusuf Binnori (rh) and Mufti Wali Hassan (rh). A prolific research scholar and walking library. Prior spiritually connected to Mawlana Ghulam Habib (rh). Senior Khalifah of Mufti Mahmudul Hassan Gangohi (rh).

The conference was (mostly) free from any beating around the bush or superficial knowledge on the subject matter of current affairs, which our scholars get easily accused with nowadays. A must listen for scholarly guidance on the issue of ISIS.

Here is the over 2 and an half hour recording: www.mediafire.com/download/8xo464r55ft2n4d/Roshnee_anti-I…
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Soundcloud Recording

Short Transcript


What is the right path?

Love for Allah in our hearts

To abstain from all types of bid’ah

Love for Rasulullah saw above everyone

Follow Rasulullah saw in every facet of our lives

Spending our lives in learning, teaching and spreading deen

The matter of khilaafah.

There are two ways that a khalifah can be appointed.

1. The ulema of that particular era unanimously appoint someone. In the case of Mullah Umar of Afghanistan 1500 ulema took bay’ah on his khilaafah and at the appointment he initially did not accept that responsibility.

2. The previous khalifah appoint someone to succeed him.

Regarding Isis and Baghdadi, most ulema of Syria, Iraq, Arabia and all around the world appose his nomination and the modus operandi of this so called Islamic state.

Mullah Umar while being the leader never did pass any fatwa of kufr on those that did not take bay’ah

The difference

Rasulullah (saw) came as رحمة للعالمين

A mercy to mankind. He spread Islam by good akhlaaq and exemplary character. This groups actions are directly opposite of what nabi saw preached. They slaughter the kuffaar in barbaric ways and publicise and boast about it threatening the kuffaar. What kind of negative impression it creates about our beautiful and most just and peaceful religion of Islam.

This group has been fighting against the Sunnis in Fallujah and have killed hundreds of ulema

What is surprising regarding the military action from the USA is that in the war against Afghanistan any movement detected in the troubled areas was immediately bombed and in this action against this group this type of action is absent. All their movements and advances would be detected but no action is taken. It is just a show from the USA. It is apparent that they have an alliance with this group.

The actions which classify them as a deviant sect.

1.            Their wholesale announcements of kufr on those that do not agree with them. Unnecessary killing, killing of journalists, Christians and Muslims. Allah says ومن قتل نفسا بغير نفس او فساد في الارض فكانما قتل النا س جميعا

2.            They propagate to take the wealth of other people.

3.            They disobey their parents. To them hurting anybody in the process of joining them is no sin. How can this jihaad be accepted when at the time of joining them they disobey Allah by disobeying their parents whom Allah says about    ولا تقل لهما اف ولا تنهرهما و قل لهما قولا كريم Nabi (saw)says            الجنة تحت اقدام الامهات

4.            They propagate lying so that they can join the Isis. All those who leave to join them lie about their intentions. This action of theirs is one of the beliefs of the Shia

5.            They brand the tabligh jamaat as the army of dajjaal. There are hundreds of stories regarding the acceptance of this effort.

The lies and deception

Jihaad will remain till qiyaamah. Jihaad has certain conditions and limitations

The teacher of Abubakr Baghdadi a very senior aalim of Iraq has published a book

الدولة الاسلامبة بين الحقيقة والحق

In it he mentions that this group (Isis) is a deviation and has nothing to do with deen. They are the khawarij of our time. Rasulullah (saw) says their salaah will be the same as yours and their fasting will be the same as yours but they will have nothing to do with deen.

The enthusiasm of our youth is commendable. The problem is that the connection between them and the elders is not present and almost lost altogether. With the result they have now channeled that enthusiasm in the wrong direction. Remember show respect towards your elders and compassion to the young. The backbone of every community is the connection between the masses and the learned. Allah says

فسئلوا اهل الذكر ان كنتم لا تعلمون

When you are not sure and do not know then ask the people of knowledge.

In every facet of life the golden rule is the correct and pure intention and following the way of our beloved prophet (saw).

The ulema who oppose this deviant group cannot be accused of standing down while the Muslims are been oppressed but rather as in the case of the battle of Ahzaab when the Muslims were attacked and took a defensive stance by digging trenches. There are different methodologies that deal with oppression and the method used by the ulema does not diminish the courage and enthusiasm of their desire to protect the Muslims.

The world media and governments focus of attention a year ago was of the brutal invasion of Gaza and since this group came into the spotlight all the attention is on them and everyone has forgotten about Gaza. We can see the negative effects of their actions. All indications point towards a ploy by the foreign forces and agencies to divert the attention away from Palestine.

This recruitment ploy of theirs only damages the Muslims reputation in the respective countries and the freedom they enjoyed will soon be curbed as they will be seen as a third force.

We should make shukr of the countless bounties Allah has bestowed upon us. Having the freedom of religion is one of the greatest bounties which we enjoy. So let us make shukr for that bounty . There are those who have joined this deviant group and in the process of joining them and made hijrah have committed grievious sins. They have disobeyed their parents, lied and have been ungrateful to the bounty of Allah. They have discarded the bounty of freedom of religion and went in search for something better. They have discarded the responsibility of spreading Islam and went in search of killing people who hold the kalimah in their hearts.

We cannot fall for every slogan on the basis of emotion. The Islamic state of Syria and Iraq is a catchy and emotional slogan that every Muslim aspires for. To live in an Islamic state. Upon careful inspection and after seeing the modus operandi of this group they are nothing but a deviant group who seek power.

A peaceful and harmonious society is an objective of Islam. Not a society that rejoices upon the killing of humans as is evident from the people who live in this false Islamic state. All their news is about how many they have killed. What kind of men will emerge from this kind of society in the future? The slogan may seem rosy but the long term effects on your children will be damaging and un repairable.

Nabi (saw) during the treaty of Hudaibiyyah made so much effort on peace even though apparently the treaty was in favour of the kuffaar.

When there is hostility and hatred people will never see the beauty of your religion then your nobility and contribution to the country will hold no weight. The moment hostility and hatred is put aside then people see the beauty of Islam. This was the case in the treaty of Hudaibiyyah that Nabi (saw) orchestrated so that peace would reign.

The purpose of jihaad is peace.  The sword that is used in jihaad is like the scalpel of the surgeon that he uses to remove things that are harmfull to the body and not the sword of an executioner in which he takes delight in taking peoples lives.

Don’t be used and abused by deviant sects

There are more negatives than positives regarding Isis so let put the emotions aside and use our intellect to decide by the discussions above if that is what we really aspire for. Joining and supporting such a group that puts your aakhirah in danger should be avoided and strive for your Jannah by being an example of the excellent character of our beloved master Nabi Muhammed (saw).

This article was composed by the lectures of our senior ulema who spoke regarding this deviant sect in Roshnee on the 22 April 2015.

Ml Shabeer Saloojee

Ml Abdul Hameed Ishaq

Ml Ebrahim Bham

Mft Radaa ul Haq

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