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Skills Development Centre (SDC) Graduation Report

Alhumdulillah, on Tuesday the 11th December 2018, the Jamiatul Ulama KZN’s Skills Development Centre held its 5th Graduation.

The poignant presentation from eleven sisters, (seven from the Kwa Zulu indigenous population and three immigrant sisters), filled our eyes with tears and our hearts with joy.

Why were we so moved by their touching stories? Coming from privileged backgrounds, we haven’t endured the challenges and obstacles these sisters have faced for most of their lives. They have endured hardship and difficulties, yet were ready to move forward and change their lives. Here they were, today, celebrating the gift of Imaan, the knowledge of Islam together with the skills they have obtained in a short period of time.

These sisters confirmed to us that life is about putting your complete trust in Allah Ta’ala. It is about putting aside your failures and moving forward. It is about believing in yourself being worthy and knowing fully well that you are Allah Ta’ala’s Creation whom He dearly loves. And knowing that Allah Ta‘ala has promised ease after difficulty.

Seven sisters accepted Islam. They had taken shahada at the centre. (The Nikah of 2 sisters who were living with their partners out of wedlock for 14 years was also performed.)

The sisters mentioned that they came with little to offer the Jamiat but they arrived with lots of hope. Their thirst for knowledge and desire to develop their skills was overwhelming. They were determined to empower themselves. Besides learning sewing, cooking and culinary skills, we were amazed with their excellent recitation of Quran. Masha ‘Allah, the Muallimas have done a sterling job in helping them learn their Surahs, Duas and how to perform Salaah.

All the students were overcome with emotion as they expressed their gratitude to Allah Ta’ala, the sponsors, the volunteers, the well-wishers and to the Jamiat.

Each student was gifted a sewing machine by the Jamiatul Ulama KZN Project H.E.L.P team. May these dedicated students achieve success both in Deen and Dunya.

The success of this programme is not limited to the students only. One volunteer addressed the attendees and spoke about how being a part of the SDC has helped her deal with her own challenges in life.

The guests were in awe of the positive spirit that the students displayed and relayed many positive comments:

“I wasn’t prepared for such sterling work and achievements”

“I am amazed at what the ladies have achieved in 4 and a half months”

“I have no words to describe what I felt… the entire team has to be commended.. absolutely sterling work… you are in our Duas”

We sincerely thank all our volunteers, donors and well-wishers for their support and Duas. May Allah Ta’ala accept all our small, weak but sincere efforts, Ameen. Your reward lies with Allah Ta’ala.

Their rendering of the following Nasheed reminded us that we are most certainly dependent on Allah Ta’ala for everything in this life:

“Allah never said there wouldn’t be trials, He never said we wouldn’t fall, He never said that everything will go the way we want it to go…but when our backs are against the wall and we feel as though all hope is gone, we turn to Allah and seek help from Him to grant us strength…Oh Allah…we can’t give up now, we’ve come too far from where we started. Nobody told us that the road would be easy and we don’t believe that Allah brought us this far to abandon us.”

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