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Smart Phones Smartly Destroying Sweet Homes


Everybody wishes to get back home at the end of the day where one feels at ease and finds his/her own comfort zone.

What is the factor that makes us feel cozy when at home?

It’s not the cute furniture’s or high tech devices for sure… but the love, care, support, confusion, fights, understanding, trust, fun etc. between the family members. We all know how much our dear ones care for us still we opt to spend our precious moments in front of iPads and iPhones.

Yes I mean it when I said ‘’Smart Phones are destroying sweet homes’’. Yes of course technology is a boon to us; the advantages if listed will not end. You get lost your GPS brings you home, you want to find a new shopping mall your app helps you, you kid starts crying from the restaurant you give her your phone and she’s happy, you get calls from anonymous number you simply have to check who owns it to file a case, you get information about any topic in the world by googling from where you are and list goes on.

This reminded me of the poster which was hung in front of a mosque ‘’All questions except those asked in grave can be answered by Google’’ Very true!! This is a real eye opener for us who are now getting obsessed with internet. I have even seen funny pictures online showing the height of social network addiction even in very small kids…The picture was a teacher asking student about her holidays ‘’Marie, tell us how you spend your holidays because we don’t follow you on twitter!’’

Rich parents make sure they buy their kid the latest and trendy mobiles in town and later regret what they did!

Smart phones provides youngsters freedom to watch and listen to whatever they want; teenagers keeps hanging on their phone 24*7 that they hardly get time to go through their lessons. But the case is different in the case of kids who are too small; here the parents are the ones who hang on their gadgets ignoring their little ones needs. The case with couples are even worse! In this busy life they get very few hours to spend with each other, but both husband and wife are busy on social networking sites liking and commenting on somebody’s picture which has nothing to do with them.

A whole bunch of apps are available on both Android and iPhones, some of which help you chat, some to make free calls overseas, some to make video call and many more, only Allah knows what development technology will bring us in the future. These chat apps are also adversely affecting family lives since friends groups are created and you get addicted to it so much that you start carrying your phones even to washrooms! This of course adversely affects your relation with your family living with you!

Let’s simply peep into our past, say 10 years back. Our lives have changed a lot indeed but the change that technology brought in our lives is worth a praise. From landlines to mobiles, from mobiles to Smartphone’s, from type writers to desktops, from desktops to laptops, from laptops to ipads, from tape recoders to cd playes, from cd players to ipods, from tv to LCD screen, from LCD TV to smart TV… Isn’t it a drastic change?? The effect of technology is so huge that we can’t even imagine how we lived few years back without these facilities surrounding us. Technology has made our life so easy that we don’t have to leave our house to pay telephone or electricity bills or not even to the bank to make a payment! We don’t have to go sit in the airport hours before the flight if we check in online…Wow we are Alhamdullilah very blessed!

It’s actually not technology that’s ruining us it’s we people who are responsible for using it improperly.

It’s good to keep in touch with friends and relatives who are away from you, but not to forget there are people around you who care for you and need your time more than they do! It’s nice to be active on social networks, as long as you know who your neighbor is in your real social life. It’s a good idea to enlighten your child’s brain with educative apps, but make sure kids don’t get addicted to your gadgets. It’s great to get basic knowledge about health and sickness, but don’t let internet treat you; for that we have doctors! It’s great to gain Islamic knowledge online, but you have to find time to practice it too!

I can already see your faces widening with a broad smile. Somewhere or the other you could relate this article to your life, right? Yes, you use your gadgets to complete your necessity and then you will be happy and so will be your family.

May Allah help us all to utilize the great blessing called ‘’technology’’ bestowed upon us in the best possible ways.

Let’s strive and keep are homes as sweet as it is and remember there is no app yet to solve family issues and get back you your sweet homes 

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