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Soulmates & Despondency in getting Married


Nasihah (Advice): All Righteous Supplications are Answered, Sooner or Later


Sayyiduna Abu Hurairah radhiyallah anhu reported the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,No Muslim turns towards Allah Almighty in supplication but he will be given a response. He may receive it quickly or it may be stored for later.” (Musnad Aḥmad) 





Question and Answer:


  1. I would just like to know if there is such a thing as soul mates in Islam? I would really like to get married and at times I feel as if my duas are not accepted or I’m doing something wrong. 


(Question published as received)



  1. There is no concept of soulmates in Islam as per the western concept of the same. There is mention in the Hadith that those souls who had an affinity to each other in the realm of the souls will also have an affinity to each other on the earth. (Bukhari) This affinity is general and not specifically for marriage.

Respected sister, there is no need to feel despondent or to think that your duas are going unanswered. It is much better to live a life of peace while being single than to endure a marriage of unhappiness where you are physically, verbally or mentally abused and your self-esteem is crushed daily. This is a reality that many sisters, unfortunately, face today.

Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan, “And perhaps there is something you dislike, yet, that is good for you; and perhaps there is something that you love, yet, that is bad for you. And Allah knows and you do not.” (Surah Baqarah)

Allah Ta’ala states in a Hadith Qudsi, “There are some of My servants, whose Imaan will not be safe except with wealth. If I make them poor, it would ruin them. There are some of My servants, whose Imaan will not be safe except in poverty. If I make them wealthy, it would ruin them. There are some of My servants, whose Imaan will not be safe except in good health. If I make them ill, it would ruin them. There are some of My servants, whose Imaan will not be safe except in sickness. If I make them healthy, it would ruin them. I regulate the affairs of My servants with My knowledge of what is in their hearts, I am the All-Knowing, All-Aware.” (Hilyatul Awliya)

Trust that Allah is managing your life in accordance to what is best for you and you will find your burdens removed, your worries alleviated and your concerns dissipate. You will find happiness and joy in your life knowing that Allah, the Most Kind, is giving you what is best for your life.

Continue making Dua and Allah Ta’ala will open the way for you when the time is right.


And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best


Mufti Ismaeel Bassa

Mufti Moosa Salie


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