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Stepping Stones to Reformation- Book by Mufti Salejee

Stepping Stones to Reformation (Short Advices of Hz. Mf. Ebrahim Salejee d.b)

It has been the system of Allah Ta‘ala since time immemorial that
there would always be a group of His selected servants in every era
who are bestowed with the true understanding of the mizaaj
(temperament) of Deen, and who are blessed with deep insight and
vision. They are the ones who have a profound concern for the
plight of the Ummat.
With every statement that they utter, gems of wisdom flow out
which then clear the doubts of the listeners and brings solace and
peace to the hearts of the seekers of the truth.
Allamah Iqbaal, the famous poet, explaining the treasures that
these great servants of Allah Ta‘ala possess, says:

“If you desire the true love of Allah Ta‘ala, serve His pious servants, for you
will not even find these pearls in the treasures of kings.”

Undoubtedly in this era of fitnah, our beloved shaikh, Hazrat Mufti
Ebrahim Salejee Saahib (daamat barakaatuhum) is among those
selected servants of Allah Ta‘ala.
This compilation is a collection of the highlights of Hazrat Mufti
Saahib’s majaalis that were conducted in the blessed month of
Ramadhaan 1433/2012 and of the weekly Saturday majaalis
conducted thereafter till date.
The dates of the majaalis have been added for ease of reference
to the recordings (which can be accessed from the Madrasah
website: www.alhaadi.org.za).

This being the first attempt to publish such a compilation, we
beg Allah Ta‘ala to accept it, overlook our shortcomings, allow it to
be a means of hidaayat (guidance) for the Ummat and immensely
reward all those who contributed towards bringing this

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