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The Cure for Depression: Tafweez

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(Resigning oneself to the Decisions of Allah)

A talk delivered byHazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb[Mudda Zilluhu] Khalifa of Hazrat Maulana Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb (Daamat Barakaatuhum)

“ When in love, the complaint of the Beloved is not appropriate. For me there is no injustice in any of His actions.Outwardly though it may be a calamity,But it is in fact a blessing in disguised form.That calamity in which there is goodness for us,Is not really a punishment.The love of the slaves of Allah cannot reach perfectionUntil the blood of evil desires is not shed. May that which is pleasing to You also become pleasing to me.What would I do with that pleasure,which is not accompanied by Your pleasure ?How can I say that the pain which is in my heart (of Your love)Is not a gift of Yours?He, who is not blessed with this gift remains Unaware of Your Glory.Do not rejoice over my tears of longing for Him,When I am distanced from Him. O you uninitiated in love, you have not as yetExperienced the pain of deep-hearted love.Whosoever you witness giving his heart and soul to gold and silver,O Akhtar, believe that he has not tasted The sweetness of the Love of Allah. ”

Depression, it seems, has become synonymous with living in a society overrun with innumerable problems. It is an ailment which has unfortunately reached epidemic proportions. In the search for a solution, we sink deeper and deeper into the abyss of depression. Hardly a day passes, without some person complaining about his failures or of the acute depression that he is suffering, due to various factors.

What I wish to discuss is Tafweez. If we learn Tafweez, then we have indeed found the antidote for depression.

We have to clearly understand, that we cannot escape the decisions of Allah Ta’ala with regard to any matter in our lives. Whatever Allah Ta’ala has decided will happen, no matter how much we may wish otherwise.

Our anxieties, depression and worries are all created because we first make the decisions and then expect Allah Ta’ala to conform; whereas what we plan and decide is subject to Allah Ta’ala’s confirmation.

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The Cure for Depression: Tafweez

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