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The disturbing reality of Rape in India

By Ejaz Khan


Prof Reyaz spoke to Radio Islam, LIVE from India on the Rape issues affecting Indian society as a whole.

These recent heinous crimes happened in Rampur district,Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in India.
Three men have been arrested after assaulting two women in broad daylight as a dozen others looked on and ignored their screams for help.

He gave the official figures as well:

“A Report shows that more than 34 000 women were raped in 2015 alone, These are just reported one’s.

Every 15 minutes there’s a Rape or attempted rape against women in India.”

In Most communal riots between Hindus and Muslims, the rape cases go even higher:

 “There has been more cases of Gang rape than anything else.

Rate of Gang rape is growing out of control.”

He asked the tough question on whether media coverage of rape was dependent on location:

 “There was an outrage when a heinous rape occurred in Delhi, but what about the young muslim girl raped by a Dalit in the Villages ?”

He also highlighted the sad reality that society seems to be gettingmore barbaric:

“Rape Videos are sold in markets!

There’s a Certain type of voyeurism associated with these type of crimes.

It shows that society are curious even though they know it’s evil.”

The victims are often blamed, so recovery mentally, physically and emotionally is very low, often non existent

 “95% of reported cases accused are known to the victim ( neighbor, family member, jilted lovers)
Sometimes a rejected proposal would result in a man coming back to Rape the girl with his friends!”

We cannot hide this terrible behavior. It must be tackled head on.

Ejaz Khan is International content producer and Presenter at Radio Islam International.
Twitter :@ejaz_k

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