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The Dream of this World and the Reality of the Hereafter

(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis – Saturday 2nd May)

1. The incidents of the Ambiyaa (‘alaihimus salaam) have lessons, great moral support, and they strengthen the heart and mind, and the same is with the incidents of those who are closer to the Ambiyaa. It is man’s nature that he wants to first see and then emulate; he will see and follow. He will weigh the facts very heavily. If we have the head of a conventional bank to give a jumu‘ah talk in a place where the crowd is to capacity and the topic we choose is interest, will the talk have any effect? The reason is obvious. So these Buzurgaan-e-Deen and Awliyaa did not work much on their oratory style and ability to express things or their ability to catch the attention of the audience, rather they worked more on attracting the attention of Allah Ta‘ala. When this is achieved then it is Allah Ta‘ala who changes the hearts around. In the flash of a second, He can change the hearts. With one word or action, you may not know how He changes the hearts of others around.

2. The change generally happens with the blessing of Allah Ta‘ala, and Allah Ta‘ala’s attention and focus comes based on sifaat and certain behaviour.  It does not come based on your intelligence or how beautifully you can understand, it comes definitely with your behaviour. The Sahaabah (radhiyallahu ‘anhum) penetrated into the African jungles. It was known from that time as the wilderness and for the free roaming of wild animals. They saw the situation and then announced, “O animals! We have decided to settle here and we are giving you a respite of three days and you may move to another abode.” It is said that all animals, lions with their cubs, elephants with their calves, snakes with their small, all had left that area.  However, this happens with the special bonding and alignment with Allah Ta‘ala.

3. By the grace of Allah Ta‘ala, I had seen the different deeni groups that are active and working, the khanqahs, madrasahs, and tableegh, from the beginning in this country. One common thing that impacted the heaviest on the lives of people was the behaviour of the forerunners in these groups. Sometimes a small jamaat comes and gives a simple bayaan, but it affects the hearts. You can see the concern and the a’amaal and the proper pattern of these people and that they do not speak unnecessarily, more especially at namaaz times etc. People are viewing and observing, and they want to see what the behaviour is like. In our children as well, it is the behaviour that counts. No matter how much we may preach to them, but they will want to know that our parents are telling us what to do, but why are they doing it like this. The Ambiyaa (‘alaihimus salaam) are our spiritual parents and we look up to them.

4. Allah Ta‘ala speaks of approximately eight Ambiyaa in surah Maryam. He first speaks of Zakariyya (‘alaihis salaam) who had reached his old age, showing us what should be the mind-set of a person who is in his advanced old age; white hair has started to appear and weakness starts setting in. The time of departure has come and these are its signals. This is the grace of Allah Ta‘ala that He sends these signals. Who can be more intelligent than the Ambiyaa (‘alaihimus salaam)? Hazrat Zakariyya (‘alaihis salaam) thought of what should be a security system that he could put in place. This was not unique to him, rather other Ambiyaa were the same. Ya’qoob and Ebrahim (‘alaihimas salaam) also were very concerned at their end about the line of action that their sons will take after them, so that they will have ease at mind that they have a system to hold on to. We are wishing for material security and financial security. Someone is worried about motor security and another is worried about health security. These securities are all short lived. The most that it may be there for will be thirty or forty years and then it is over. By then you will need a security system that is eternal. Hazrat Hannah is the mother of Maryam (‘alaihas salaam). She had conceived and her concern was that she wanted to make a dedication to Allah Ta‘ala as a security for the grave and Hereafter. So she dedicates her child to the course of Allah Ta‘ala.

5. The most perfect knowledge was bestowed to the Ambiyaa (‘alaihimus salaam). They had seen the whole world and how the entire system operates. Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) was given the knowledge of the present and past and on the journey of mi’raaj, he even saw Jannah and Jahannum. After all this, he comes up with a plan. When we see the world, we see it very narrow. People say that we must move with the times and many say that we must go backwards to the ways of the past so that we can progress. But I also say that we must move forward and go forward at a tremendous speed; look forward and go full forward. Most people who look forward only look till Mars and other planets, and then one country will try to beat another country to see who can reach there first, and whose rocket can go faster etc. We must be so advanced and ahead that we must transcend the earth, Jupiter and Mars and go further than what the eyes can see, transcend every human barrier and go into Jannah. Why are you running after the small marbles of Jupiter and Mars. We want the real stuff. When a small child plays around with a toy cigarette he thinks to himself that when are they going to give me the real thing. So Allah Ta‘ala is telling us to go for the real thing. The things of this world are just things that catch the eye. One Sahaabi was asked, “How do you find yourself?” He replied, “I see Jannah on one side and Jahannum on the other, and I can see the people of Jannah enjoying themselves and how the people of Jahannum are shouting out at each another.” Thus, the Quraan must be so real to us that these things are as if real before us. When we read durood then we should see the rewards before us. There must be some reason for Allah Ta‘ala saying that this dunya is nothing more than a pastime. You enjoyed the best of food etc. but by the morning what is the state of it? Do you want to go anywhere near? Hence, Allah Ta‘ala is showing us that this is the end of the world. Therefore, don’t look with such a narrow vision. Let your vision be broad and don’t limit it to this world; go beyond and see what Allah and His Rasool have shown.

6. After everything is sad and done, Allah Ta‘ala says that this world is just play and entertainment. What has happened to our people is that this pastime and imagination has now become real. When it becomes real, a person is consumed with fear, that I have to make those digits, and how can I live without it. Whereas the reality is not like that, because what man requires are just a place to live and a vehicle to move around, etc. What we need to examine is, are we living to the point of need or beyond. Generally, it is far beyond. As a result, we will give the bayaan to everyone that we have to make those targets, and may Allah Ta‘ala forbid, but we will also pull our wives out of the home just to make those targets.

7. In the Quraan Shareef, Allah Ta‘ala tells Aadam (‘alaihis salaam) that in Jannah you will never go hungry and thirsty, and you will not be left naked. In these aspects, Allah Ta‘ala directs the address to Aadam (‘alaihis salaam) only, but when the mistake in Jannah was committed Allah Ta‘ala addressed both Aadam (‘alaihis salaam) and Hawwa. What is the reason for Allah Ta‘ala directing the address regarding worldly requirements to Aadam (‘alaihis salaam) only? It is to imply that it is the responsibility of the man to see to the needs of the home. It is not the responsibility of the wife to provide for the household needs. However, when this imagination and dream of the dunya becomes a reality then we will pull the child out of the home, the daughter out of the home and the wife out of the home just for the fulfilment of the dream. She was supposed to be living in the home and not the one to provide.

8. Allah Ta‘ala says that this world is just a pastime, but the way we behave is as if we are telling Allah Ta‘ala that those aayaat were meant for the people of the past, now this world has become a genuine and real thing. A person will allow himself to suffer a heart attack for this; he will allow himself to suffer from pressure and all other types of sicknesses for this. We can even risk the beliefs of our children by sending them out. A professor said that one of the salient features of secular education is to rob a person of his beliefs. Thus, we will rob our children and wives of their imaan and values.

9. So what is the real thing? It is the life beyond. Jannah will be that place where the walls will sing out to you, the attendants will call out to you, and there will be no pain and trauma. Here in this dunya, you may spend the whole day enjoying the food and time, but at night, you receive a phone call to hear that your brother met in an accident. Can you spend the night peacefully? Therefore, only Jannah has that peace and beauty. The Ambiyaa (‘alaihimus salaam) illustrated the security plan for the Hereafter and it will never fail you. Here in the dunya, you will get the brokers to explain about the insurance and security plans, but they cannot guarantee you that it will not fail you. Likewise, the Ambiyaa (‘alaihimus salaam) are the brokers of the aakhirat.

10. The mercy of Allah Ta‘ala is there and He wants to give, but are there any takers? Are you making the attempt? The concern of our Buzurgaan-e- Deen was that somehow or the other we need to connect people to Allah Ta‘ala and the musjid. However, it should be a selfless concern and without the desire for any recognition, it is only for the sake of Allah Ta‘ala. The temptations and influences are there like tsunamis, so we need to understand how to approach situations to save people.

11. The recommended thing at the time of du‘aa is to express one’s inability before Allah Ta‘ala. Before that day when you will be totally helpless and lying on the ghusl table, express your helplessness before Allah Ta‘ala and beg Him of His grace. When building your relationship with Allah Ta‘ala, it is not a formal thing. It is a lively relationship, and it should be intensified especially when the first white hairs start setting in. This is the sign of one ripening and ready to be plucked by malakul maut.

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