Cii Radio | 09 Ramadan 1436/26 June 2015

The human side of Sahabah RA and the beloved’s (SAW) patience with it.

Lessons; Deen is beautified by it’s incorporation of human nature. It is a religion which balances silent contemplation and seclusion and also appreciates humour done without malice or lies. The amazing thing about both the following stories is the discovery that the Sahaba played pranks!

Action items;

A)Joke and laugh as Muslims without intending to belittle anyone or lie in the process, humour in moderation keeps the heart light, while in excess, it hardens it. The Sahaba RA were described as people who would be joking with each other but as soon as the azaan went, their faces would turn pale with the fear of Allah and they would drop everything and rush to Salaah.

B) Appreciate the different personalities of people and acknowledge Allah has created us differently.

C) When the time of Salaah arrives, everything else should be dropped.

Once Sauda RA came to visit A’isha RA while Hafsah RA was there. Sauda RA arrived looking stunning and well dressed with a Yemeni shawl and matching scarf. Hafsah RA said to A’isha RA  “Oh Ummul Mu’mineen, RasulAllah is due to arrive when this lady is shining here between us.”

“Fear Allah Oh Hafsah” A’isha RA said.  “ I am going to spoil her adornment for her.” Replied Hafsah RA in a joking way. Sauda RA who was hard of hearing asked what they were talking about “Oh Saudah, The one eyed one( Dajjal) has appeared!”  Said Hafsah RA.

“Really!” Saudah RA cried out in alarm and began shivering. “Where shall I hide?”

Hafsah RA said “You will have to go to the tent!” The tent was made of palm leaves and was a hiding place for the people. However it was filled with cobwebs and dirt.

RasulAllah SAW arrived then and seeing his wives, A’isha and Hafsa RA laughing so much, asked, ‘What is all the laughter about?’ He SAW had to repeat the question before they pointed to the tent. ( They were laughing so much they couldn’t speak.)

‘what is the matter oh Saudah?’ RasulAllah SAW asked. She said that dajjaal had arrived so RasulAllah SAW clarified ‘He has not appeared but is still to appear.’ RasulAllah SAW helped her out and dusted her clothes of the dirt and cobwebs.  Abu Ya’la

Hafsah RA’s words that Dajjal has appeared was in fact not a lie for he already has appeared on earth. Just not to the people.

Umm Salama RA, narrates a very funny incident that took place. She says, “Abu Bakr RA he wanted to go on a journey. So he decided to take Nu’ayman ibn ‘Amr RA and Suwaybit ibn Harmala RA, another Sahabi with him on that journey. And Rasool Allah SAW was still alive. And he put Suwaybit RA in charge of the food. So what happened was they were on this journey, and Nu’ayman says to Suwaybit, ‘ I’m hungry. Can you give me some food?’ And he says,‘Until Abu Bakr comes and gives me permission you can’t touch this food.’

So Nu’ayman got upset and decided to take his revenge out on Suwaybit in other ways. And this is an authentic narration by Umm Salama RA. So he goes to a group of people that was passing by and he says ‘I’ve got this slave that I would like to sell to you but he’s really intelligent, he’s Arab but he speaks very well and he’s going to insist that he’s free (not a slave) when you take him. So do you want him or not?’

And they said, ‘sure we’ll take him.’ So he said, ‘OK I’ll sell him to you for 10 dirhams.’ So he takes them to Suwaybit and says, ‘There he is.’ So they jump on Suwaybit and they start to capture him and lock him up and Suwaybit says, ‘أناحرأناحر’, ‘I’m free! I’m free!’. And they say, ‘ your master said you would say that.’ And Nu’ayman was just sitting there and watching and not saying a word. So Abu Bakr RA came back and he found Nu’ayman and the companions and he said, ‘What happened to Suwaybit?’

And so they told Abu Bakr RA what happened, Abu Bakr RA gave them back their money and they freed Suwaybit. Then they went back to the Prophet SAW. They went back to the Prophet SAW and Umm Salama RA said that Rasool Allah SAW and his companions laughed for an entire year, every time they thought of it.Abu Dawood, Ahmed

This again shows that it wasn’t just Nuayman RA but the Nabi of Allah SAW himself as well as the Sahaba who had a good sense of humor.

Hafsa RA was the daughter of Umar bin Khattaab RA while A’isha RA was the daughter of Abu bakr Sideeq RA. Both were the noble wives of  Nabi SAW and were close friends. While it is considered that the Saudah RA referred to above is the noble wife of Nabi SAW, Saudah Bin Zamah. Allah knows best.

According to some narrations, Nu’ayman RA was married to the sister of Abdur Rahman Bin Auf RA. ( A senior Sahabi.) Nu’ayman RA was a Badri Sahabi, the cream of the crop and his heart wasn’t disconnected from Allah Ta’ala nor the akhirath.