The Knife


A knife in any kitchen is very important and necessary item. In a nutshell a kitchen without a knife cannot operate.

However the hand that operates and uses this very beneficial item can reverse the benefits of a knife to complete abuse and harm to both, the user and others.
Similarly is the position of wealth, it is both beneficial and harmful according to the user.
At the outset everyone of us must understand the position of wealth. One of our pious ulama beautifully explained the position of wealth in a simile, he explained that wealth can be understood as the water in the ocean. Insaan(we humans) are like the  boats that sail on the ocean. Insaan is to use the  ocean (wealth) to reach his destination (Jannah). However if Insaan allows the boat to be filled with water (becomes obsessed with wealth) then he would drown.
The very vital question each one of us is to ask, “Has wealth got into me?”  

The quickest way to answer this question is to check three things:

a) Are my earnings Halaal?
b) Do I spend my wealth in sinful acts e.g. showing off, extravagance, gambling etc?
c) Am I a miser?

When we are mindful that our earnings are Halaal and we spend it in the correct avenues then we can confidently say I know how to use the knife of wealth also.WEALTH (WATER)HAS NOT GOT INTO MY BOAT.

To judge the effects of wealth in our lives we should  reflect on this beautiful Hadith of Nabi Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam wherein he has mentioned that, there are four types of people in the world.

Firstly, those whom Allah Ta’ala gives both, knowledge as well as wealth. Due to their knowledge they fear Allah Ta’ala when spending their wealth and do not spend it against the dictates of Allah Ta’ala. They fulfil the needs of their kin-folk and spend rightly on good causes and deeds. They are the ones held in high esteem.(They are the best of people)

Secondly, those who are granted knowledge but not wealth. They have  the intention and longing to spend like the first type, if they had wealth. These  people recieves the same reward for their intentions alone. (They are the same as the first group i.e. the best of people)

Thirdly, those who are devoid of knowledge but possesses wealth.They  spend recklessly and lavishly on amusements and lustful pursuits. They do not fear Allah Ta’ala in spending, nor cares for their kith and kin and are extravagant and wasteful with their money. They  will be in the worst condition on the day of Qiyaamah.

And fourthly, those whom Allah Ta’ala has not granted any wealth nor knowledge but they think of doing the same things as those in the third catergory, had they had wealth. Due to their intentions, their punishment will be similar to those in category three.

Possessing wealth in the righful manner is one thing, but how to use that wealth is also equally important. If one does not know how to use it, then it is like giving a car to one who does not know how to drive. That is when it will lead to his destruction and the destruction of all the passengers.

May Allah Taa’la make us from the first two categories as mentioned in the above Hadeeth Shareef, Aameen.

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