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The Role of Television in the Destruction of Children and Society Part 1


This article is based upon in relation to the call of a faction amongst mankind intent on moral and social degradation (and we will deal with that faction in separate articles inshaa’Allaah):

ولكنها في حقيقتها ودخيلة أمرها دعوة إلى الإباحية والانحلال وعوامل هرج ومرج وتفكك في المجتمعات ، وانفصام لعرى الأمم ومعاول هدم وتقويض لصرح الشرائع ومكارم الأخلاق وإفساد وتخريب العمران

…But it is in its reality and in its interior a call to permissiveness, to decay and (to) factors of turmoil, and disintegration in societies, and to the splitting of the handholds of nations and to the destructive, subversive annihilation of the edifice of legal injunctions and noble characteristics (morals) and the corruption and destruction of civilization (culture)…

Before continuing, it is our hope that as a Muslim, you already recognize the television for what it is and have disposed of it (if you had one to begin with). You’ve realized that what is delivered through the television is mostly propaganda, marketing, culture and value modification and brainwashing, and legally, TV Networks are under no obligation to tell the truth, because they are privately owned – and what you see through your television is decided by people whose values are more or less entirely in opposition to yours. If you’ve realized this much, congratulations, you’ve got your head on right, and this information will not really apply to you. If you are a Muslim who has a television in your house, we advise you for the sake of Allaah that you get rid of your television, and that you do not give away your children to television foster-care because all you are doing is destroying their lives, socially, morally and psychologically, whilst being deceived into thinking you are providing them “entertainment”. For your information, very large numbers of well-informed, and conscientious non-Muslims are recognizing the corruption and sham that is television, its evil effects on themselves and the children and are getting rid of it from their houses.

First a quick note on what is referred to as predictive programming“:

When you want to bring about social change, it is easier to familiarize the target audience with the desired change but in a non-direct way. This is done mainly through movies, sitcoms and music, in other words through the backdoor of “entertainment”. Through entertainment you familiarize people with a certain social norm, or agenda, because it’s weaved into the plot, and because this is entertainment, you’ve already got the audience to subconsciously accept it. This is a very powerful technique. In this manner you can make anything a social norm, fornication, adultery, even incest, robbery, violence and so on, you can make them all justifiable simply by presenting it through a carefully crafted plot or story line, and by casting the right character(s). If you think that you are receiving “entertainment” through the box, you are mistaken. You are receiving “social engineering” (the alteration of morals, attitudes, values) disguised as entertainment and its not as innocent as you may think it is – all the social evils and moral degradation don’t come out of thin air, they have reasons, causes and they have to be coming from somewhere.

As forculture creation“:

True culture always come from the ground up, it always starts with the people in the society, and then it grows and spreads and becomes the accepted custom and way, and it binds that society together for generations to come, if not hundreds or even thousands of years. In the modern age, all culture is created artificially. It is forced from top down, and it is a fake contrived culture. In history, true culture (grass roots upwards) has bonded people and societies and kept them together. In the 20th century, the fake contrived culture which continues to be pushed through movies, music, novels is used to destroy societies and families. So this is what we mean by “culture creation”. You create a fake contrived culture and export it to the rest of the world, and through this fake culture achieve socialist goals. You can tear apart the family bonds (husband-wife, parent-child relationships) and degrade all morals, you can promote cultures of violence, greed, selfish individuality and so on. So culture creation is extremely powerful and it is delivered through the television.

So we ought to be aware of “predictive programming” and “culture creation” because it is all around us and its a false reality through which nations and societies at the family unit level are brainwashed and through which your children are given a culture, perception and way of thinking some of which is now going to be described to you…

Brief Overview of the Role of Television in Destroying Children, the Family and Society

We will mention some major aspects here:

Sexualization of Children From the Earliest Age Possible:

Amongst the roles of television is to bring children into contact with sex from the earliest age possible. These people know from decades of research that sexual encounters and activity from an early age leads to the inability to create and maintain long-lasting, meaningful relationships in later life. In other words it demolishes “bonding”. For this reason you see the increased sexualization of children through television programming, and this includes cartoons and films along with music. It is proven that there are subliminal messages hidden in cartoons aimed at stimulating the interest in sex. Music stars specifically are chosen from a very early age, and groomed and prepared to become mega-famous pop-stars which children (out of their human nature) will idolize take as role models. The lifestyles of these people are then given prominence through the TV and these people change partners every year and have morally degraded lifestyles. This makes pop-stars in particular the ideal route to pushing socialist agendas, and every genre will have its “pop-star” who is simply a pawn in the game, used to impart a certain social norm. This very early contact with sex leads to children having experienced, physically and emotionally – by the time they are only 13 or 14 or even younger – what in a normal society, an adult would not have experience well into their 40s. Thus, having got bored of life by the time they are only 14 or thereabouts or younger still, these children end up depressed, sick of life, with no direction and no purpose, and the only thing driving them on is the pursuit of more and more excitement and pleasure. In schools, children from the age of seven (yes, seven!) are now being shown cartoons of explicit sexual encounters as part of their “sex education”. As we said earlier, all the research shows that sexual activity and promiscuity at an early age destroys the ability to form long-term “bonding” in later life.

Destroying the Differentiation Between the Feminine and Masculine – Gender Confusion:

Amongst the ways in which children are being socially engineered is the continued blurring of issues of gender difference. Television is simply one of the mediums of delivery for this and fashion, music, films, and socialist think-tanks who push policies in countries drive this obfuscation. Cartoons, children’s programs sitcoms and movies (all “entertainment”) are used to blur and confuse the clear differences between male and female identities (masculinity and femininity) which have always been clearly defined in all cultures and civilizations for thousands of years, and which have worked harmoniously and perfectly well to provide long-term meaningful relationships and stable societies. Children will make up the society in a couple of decades time, and thus they are the ideal and perfect targets for destroying the proper types of “bondings” for building stable family units, that are the foundation for the fabric of social morals.

Instilling Hatred Towards Parents or Total Independence From Them:

This is very prominent, and is a major aspect of the social engineering for which television is a delivery mechanism. What is put out by major movie production centers and through certain genres of music are replete with particular themes that disdain parents. The children that develop the best and are most stable are those who have regular contact with people of different ages, they are not cocooned and do not develop a warped and segmented picture of reality, and these children always tend to hold on to family values and the types of “bonding” that hold society together. By breaking contact and “bonding” with parents, or older generations, let alone being brainwashed into resenting and hating them, the society loses its cohesion over a few generations and the young are out of touch with the old and so whatever morals the old had do not get passed down to the young. In all the famous and popular cartoons targeted to children (the Disney films) from the early 20th century onwards, you will see that generally they follow a formula. This is a scientific formula worked to perfection. In most of these cartoons the main character is always separated from his or her family, and is usually cast as an orphan. Thus, disassociation with the parents (or mainly the mother) is a prominent feature in many story lines. The mother may often be presented as evil, oppressive, or you may have the “evil stepmother”. Motherhood is made to be absent. They usually have a very tragic, extremely traumatic incident occurring at the beginning. Usually this is the loss of both parents or just one in a very brutal or unkind way. The scenes are deliberately made extremely intense and traumatic. When kids watch this stuff it really does traumatize them. In that traumatized, emotionally disturbed state, it becomes easy to impart values and messages through whatever follows in the rest of the film or cartoon. The children identify with the main character and subconsciously impose themselves upon that character or within the character’s context. Then whatever the character experiences and goes through is soaked up by the subconscious of the (traumatized) child who is watching. This really is a subject in itself, but let us say loud and clear that if you think these are just innocent cartoons for children, you are dead, dead wrong. These are cartoons based upon scientific formulas devised after much experimentation and research.


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