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The Spy Cables, a leak of hundreds of secret intelligence papers from agencies all over the world, is offering a glimpse into the murky world of global espionage.

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit is currently releasing the documents and publishing an array of articles and analyses exploring the stories contained within the documents.

The Spy Cables include papers written by intelligence agencies the world over, including  Israel’s Mossad, Britain’s MI6, Russia’s FSB, Australia’s ASIO and South Africa’s SSA.

While the cables have managed to dominate headlines in South Africa over the past week, an extensive Cii News reading into the leaked material has revealed that, by-and-large, mainstream South African media outlets are only reporting selectively on the secretive material and are failing to convey some significant details contained therein.

In the public interest, Cii News is now publishing important excerpts from this trove of documentation that deals extensively with Israeli intelligence activity in South Africa and related matters.

It should be understood that data contained in these cables are not necessarily true, and should be perceived primarily as reflective of perceptions and assessments within segments of the intelligence community.

Israeli intelligence activities in South Africa and the broader African continent are dealt with in extensive detail in this NIA document which is some 55 pages long.

The paper outlines the past and current political relationship between South Africa and Israel, before proceeding to expound on Israeli intelligence structures and methods and current activities within South Africa

Some notable excerpts:

How Mossad allegedly uses sex to entrap and blackmail

Alleged Mossad involvement in assassination of South Africans

Alleged Apartheid era Mossad medical experiments in Soweto

The Mossad Agent investigating Muslim groups in Cape Town

Mossad liaising with rogue elements in the SAPS

Mossad alleged relationship with South African Jewish organisations


Tiger Wheel and Tyre!

An Israeli agent allegedly requested his hotel account be charged to the Tiger Wheel and Tyre franchise

How El Al(Israeli Airlines) are allegedly used as a cover for intelligence activity

Ronnie Kasrils’ Political Stance contributes to strained relationship between South African and Israeli intelligence

Surveillance of prominent South African Muslim organisations

Mossad Fronts in South Africa

A variety of fronts are alleged including airlines, communication and armaments companies

This secret State Security Agency (SSA) briefing from September 2012 sought to encapsulate local initiatives against Israel and assess the security impact these could potentially have on South Africa

Notable excerpts:

Israeli intelligence labels guest hosted by Muslim organisations a terrorist

South Africa considers the impact of strained Israeli ties on relations with the USA

Alleged Zionist threats to unleash viruses on South Africa  due to support for BDS

South African Jewish organisations allegedly working with Israeli intelligence

Concern expressed over the activities of the Jewish Community Safety Organisation(CSO)

  • Other documents

Israeli delegation meets DIRCO over El Al Affair

In the face of extensive media focus on Israeli intelligence activity in the wake of allegations that El Al Airlines were being used as an intelligence front, a high profile Israeli delegation visited the Department of International Relations and Co-operation seeking to maintain diplomatic immunity for El Al “security members”

It was alleged by a former South African employee of El Al, that the airline’s security officers at the OR Tambo International Airport carried arms and had unrestricted access to monitoring the arrivals and departures at the airport.


Investigation into individual associated with the Majlis newspaper

South African responses to Israeli requests for information on South African Muslim organisations and individuals

South Africa suspects Israel of false flag activity

One cable reveals a South African agent suggesting that Israel may have staged false flag operations in South Africa in order to make the case for greater protection of its embassy and Israeli companies by South African authorities.

A briefing on relations between South African and Israeli intelligence discussed a petrol-bomb attack at an Israeli company in South Africa in June 2001, saying another “pipe bomb” had also been found and disabled.

The following are the resulting questions a South African agent raised following the interaction

Israel steals South African missile plans and seeks that Israeli suspects be exempt from prosecution

In 2010 Israel obtained stolen South African anti-tank missile technology.

South African intelligence covered it up. Years later, when two men charged with stealing the plans were put on trial in South Africa, prosecutors failed to release the full information of Israel’s involvement.

In the August 2010 Mossad cable, classified secret and titled “Macopa Missile Plans – Response”, Mossad refuses to investigate how Israel got hold of the stolen plans.

South African agent describes Israeli counterpart as arrogant

In one meeting, an Israeli agent reportedly stormed out after being told he would not receive the information he wants on a suspected al-Qaeda operative.

In another, a Mossad agent phoned the acting head of South Africa’s State Security Agency (SSA) and demanded a meeting, with no prior arrangements. The SSA did not know the caller was in South Africa, or that he was the head of Mossad’s Africa service.

Later a liaison officer met with this Mossad agent and wrote that the Israeli was “extremely arrogant”, showed “no respect for the SSA’s way of doing things”, and that “a liaison relationship on this basis is doomed before it even started”.

Israeli intelligence activity cited as example of risk to SA government information

A 2009 internal document assessing security vulnerabilities within the South African government cited the exploitation of diplomatic protocol privileges by Israelis and others as a serious concern

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