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The western concept of liberating women

By Haqqseeker 

Some decades ago a number of warped minded Western thinkers started advocating that for women, the marriage and the family life were nothing more than a curse that confined them to persistent slavery. They maintained that women must be liberated from male subjugation and domestic responsibilities and achieve full independence in every aspect of life.

The hidden agenda of these women liberation champions was to grant women as much freedom to indulge in illicit sex as men via mixed education, courtship before marriage, attending mixed social functions which included drinking, drug-taking and dancing and participating other evil activities.

Simply put, they wanted women to be ‘COMPLETELY LIBERATED’.

Unfortunately, in their effort to achieve this ‘liberation’, chaos has engulfed western society today. Listed below are some of the shocking negative outcomes. Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the evil corrupt life of the western women and their culture:

  1. Today’s ‘liberated’western woman is portrayed as a sex object in advertisements, movies, music videos, modelling, and even in certain video games.

The principle being: The less she puts on the more she earns.

  1. Infidelity and extramarital sex are part of one’s personal freedom in society today.
  2. Sex before marriage has become a modern trend. Hence there is a widespread use of contraceptives which has led to universities and colleges being fully equipped with condoms for students to freely enjoy sex.
  3. Indulgence in sex at a young age has become an‘in thing’. Macmillan Visual Almanac (1995) reported that 70% of American boys and 56% of American girls have had sexual relationship before the age of 18.
  4. A girl can walk into her home holding her boyfriend’s hand and then head straight into her bedroom closing the door behind them without a batting of an eyelid from her helpless parents. Parents have lost the right to object or protest.
  5. Families are broken, children are neglected and abused and morality has become an unwanted commodity.
  6. Music Festivals like the one that took place in Las Vegas recently, where the gunman Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and injured more than 500 are more common.These are functions that last a few days and grant people complete freedom to indulge in their any and every desires.
  7. Abortion rates are on the rise while more and more children are born out of wedlock leading to young girls dropping out of schools and even more children being abandoned.
  8. Escalating rates of divorce and the birth of children to unmarried mothers have become the major factors behind the emergence of single parenting.
  9. LGBT Community(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community) has come into existence. Now James can marry Joseph and Emily can wed Elizabeth without anyone objecting or risk the wrath of the entire world for being ‘backward’ or depriving one from their ‘freedom of choice’.
  10. While more and more countries are legalising same-sex marriage, the institution of marriage itself is facing a predicament. There are people who are predicting that marriage in the western society will soon be a thing of the past — perhaps within a generation. Fundamental shifts in today’s thinking are impacting society’s evaluation of this time-honoured institution. Terms like ‘marriage‘, ‘matrimony‘, ‘wedlock‘, ‘bride and groom‘ and ‘husband and wife‘ are becoming obsolete. A man and a woman, man and man, or woman and woman can live as ‘partners‘ for as long as they wish.

Can we genuinely call this the ‘Liberation of the Women’?

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