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Three Types of Talaaq?

Q: What are the types of talaaq?

A: There are three types of Talaaq/ Issuing of divorce:

  1. Talaaq Ahsan: This is when a man gives his wife Talaaq while she is clean (not menstruating) and has not had intercourse with her since the last period. He then stays apart from her until her Iddah is completed (three consecutive periods). This is the best type of Talaaq because it allows the man to take back his wife before the Iddah period is over. If the Iddah period expires and thereafter he wishes to have her back, a new Nikah must be performed.


  1. Talaaq Hasan (Sunni): In this type of Talaaq a man gives three Talaaqs, one in each of three consecutive clean periods (when she is not menstruating) and during which he has not had intercourse with her. If he wishes to take her back, he may do so after the first or second Talaaq, but not after the third Talaaq has been issued.


  1. Talaaq Bid’ee: This is when a man issues three Talaaqs in one sentence or three Talaaqs within one clean period. Although it is sinful to issue Talaaq in this manner, nevertheless the Talaaqs will be valid and she will no more be his wife.

It will also be regarded as Talaaq Bid’ee if a man has intercourse with his wife and then issues Talaaq within the same non-menstruating period; or he issues Talaaq during a menstruating period.


Source: Moulana Yusuf Laher in www.askmufti.co.za

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