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United Families are the Building Blocks of the Ummah


The breakdown of family ties is a matter of serious concern especially when it is becoming so prevalent in today’s highly materialistic society. The rivalry of trying to outdo each other in materialistic achievements has become almost a perverted obsession that is destroying the very foundation of society.

“The mutual rivalry( to pile up wealth) has diverted you until you visit the graves.”(Quran-Ch.102;1-2)

“Certainly this Ummah of yours is one Ummah(community)”.

“…and they cut off what Allah has commanded to be joined…”

“No goodness is there in much of their private conversations, except for those who enjoin charity or virtue or reconciliation between people. And whomsoever does that seeking the approval of Allah, soon will We grant him a great reward.”(Quran-4;114)

This verse relates to the incident during the time of Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.) when Tha’ma bin Ubayraq committed the crime of theft and conspired in secret to link the theft to an innocent Jew. Allah Almighty exposed this evil plan to the Holy Prophet(s.a.w.) and Thama was sentenced to have his hand severed as punishment. Thama then fled to Makka and apostasized from Islam dying eventually as an idolater(Mushrik).

The verse makes clear that there is no goodness in most of the private discussions of people except if it contains one or more of the following three topics:

1) Enjoining charity to assist the needy, support the poor and the orphans;

2) Enjoining virtue or righteousness in which is general benefit for the public;

3) Reconciling between people in their disputes.

Umm Habeebah(R.A) reports that the Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.) said: “All the speech of mankind can be held against them, not in their favor, except the remembrance of Allah, or commanding with virtue or forbidding from evil.”(Tirmidhi; Ibn Majah; ibn Mardawayh)

Umm Kulthum bint Uqbah said she heard the Prophet(s.a.w.) say: “One who brings reconciliation between people cannot be considered a liar, so he gives rise to goodness or he says good.” (Musnad Ahmad).

Ibn Umar(r.a.) said: “The Prophet(s.a.w.) said: “The most virtuous charity is to reconcile between persons of enmity.”(Musnad Ahmad)

Anas said that Allah’s Messenger(s.a.w.) said to Abu Ayyub(r.a.): “Should I not point out to you a transaction? He said: Certainly, O Messenger of Allah! The Prophet elaborated: Strive to bring reconciliation between people when their relations have broken down; bring closeness between them when they become distant.”(Abu Bakr Al-Bazzaar; al-Baihaqi)

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