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Valentines of Lies & Heartbreak!




Every February, the Media goes into hyperdrive promoting love and affection. The actual reality is that they care little about increasing love between husband and wife, but more about promoting Zina. It is simply a western concept of legitimizing Zina and a marketing strategy to fleece you of your hard-earned money and we are more the fools for falling for this nonsense.


Statistics show that instead of Valentines being the day of love, there are more break-ups and divorces at this time in the western world than at any other time of the year. The case of one paraplegic sportsman shooting his partner on this very day is still fresh in our minds.


The media thrives on making fantasy seem reality and if we are not grounded on Islamic principles, we feel quite bitter when these fantasies do not materialise. Worse still is the cosmetic world that we live in, that favours good looks and shuns those without them. So for the multitudes who do not receive any valentines, this period is one of the most depressing times in the year. This does not affect adults only, kids in school are more affected due to their relatively fragile emotions.


Looks are not the be all of life, yet there are so many who feel suicidal at this time of year for not having the looks that will gain them the valentines others have received. This is the harm that this day has brought and an alarming proof of how superficial our lives have become.


We need to take a hard look at our lives and see the direction that we are heading into and the challenges that face our children. Western writers have already labelled Valentines Day as Divorce Day. If people of Imaan are buying into this marketing nonsense and Zina festival, then it is a sad day for the Ummah.


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