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Virtual Reality

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People nowadays use technology to enter into a deceptive dream world of “virtual reality”.

Via facebook, twitter and other social media he lives in a false world, creating a fiction “personality” about himself in the mind of people. He gets so caught up in his false world of lies and deception; where he openly lies regarding his name, appearance, profession and financial standing, that he does not want to come out of it and face reality.

Salaah, Quraan, zikr and dua are all real actions that bring life to a man’s soul. It removes man from his cocoon of slumber and it wakes him up to prepare for the real life after death. Yet we are put all our efforts in chasing pleasure and leisure and we expect progress in our deen. How can a farmer plant weeds and expect flowers to grow?

Let us come onto good deeds and live a real life.

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