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Water: The Miracle Worker

The Cure It All Drink!

Where’s your cup!?

Fill it with water and keep doing so, why aren’t we all drinking more of this and less of artificial juices. Reward yourself with this amazing fluid and you will notice the benefits from day one and for the rest of your life.

Without water, you would be slowly dying a very painful death. Your body runs on water like a car runs on gas. What happens if your car took a different fuel instead of gas? It would probably need to see the mechanic very soon and you would too if you were to stop drinking water. Well I hope you wouldn’t go to the mechanic, because you would need a doctor!

When your thirsty, you should go for water not for a soda or juice. Your body is made up of 73% water: you’re a walking water balloon!

Your brain, your muscles, bones and even organs all depend on water. You will put your body in danger as it does take a toll if you stay dehydrated.

Did I mention it keeps your immune system in check and keeps it running more effectively ?

How else did you think you were going to dispose of bacteria and germs without water?


Since water is makes up of at least 70% of your body, do you think you can replace it with juice or sodas? NO!

Your body is made up of water so the more you drink other fluids, the less your body is able to act at it’s best.

Knowing this, it can still be hard to increase your water intake without actually knowing the benefits.

Water is tasteless, it’s boring and just like every other healthy food, why bother? Your not going to see an instant change other than more sounds of the toilet flushing from the constant urination. It may save your life in the future if your properly hydrated on a regular basis but life is short and you only live once (Also known as “YOLO”).

How many times have you been warned of something and ignoring the warning as if you can’t get hurt like superman? Maybe as a child, you were told to eat your greens and you didn’t.
You may not notice anything different now as a grown up because you wouldn’t know how else your skin, health, or anything else would have turned out if you did eat your greens.

Though now you may eat just a bit more than you would have as a kid or your at least aware of the benefits that it has to offer along with everything else that comes from mother nature.

Knowledge of the benefits has you considering to eat greens but maybe you still don’t because junk food is so delicious and your taste buds has developed it’s preference to it.

When you’re shown what is good for you and what it can do you for you in the present and the future, you’re at least aware of it and you can spread the good news to your loved ones. Everyone knows benefits of things but they need something more to actually get them to change.

Use acai berries for example, why it’s so famous is because of its marketing geniuses who made these claims on the fruit and it was presented with famous tv hosts like Oprah Winfrey.

Nothing is the best from nature’s foods because everything, all the food work together as one to deliver the best results. Sure it might be the best antioxidant, but what if your dehydrated?

There is no way that it can deliver its results at full effectiveness without water as it aids in delivery of nutrients. Water does help with digestion but together with fiber it will help further benefit digestion of other foods.


Weight loss:

Many studies have proven the effectiveness of water in ones diet for fat burning. It aids in digestion of food and helps nutrients be delivered throughout the body.

Your water intake will prevent overeating as well. It is sometimes difficult for the brain to know if its hungry or just thirsty.

Sometimes after you consume a meal, you might be thirsty but instead you may mistake the feeling for hunger.


Water is vital for every organ in the human body, especially the skin. The skin gives the appearance of one’s health.

You are what you eat as you may have heard repeatedly in your life. You’ve seen the before and after photos of smokers and drug abusers right?

That is an extreme example of appearances but it’s the perfect example of what the appearance of a person can look like after consuming such products.

You can imagine how water would benefit one’s look. Just imagine, the world without water, we would be very dried up and there would be the missing look of the wonderful and shiny look of crystal clear water.

If your body is made up of water, then wouldn’t you look somewhat crystal clear? We are what we consume anyway. So before I explain the benefits of water towards one skin, with some common sense you would know already without having me explain.The wonderful effectiveness of water towards ones appearance is incredible.

I recommend water over anything for skin as well as any expert would. You need this liquid to help keep the skin flexible: it has more elasticity as this does decline as you get older. If it does this much for my appearance, I can’t imagine how much it does for the organs and the internal of the body.

Water Intake:

So if water is so crucial to our lives, how much should we be drinking?
There’s many factors involved when considering the question how much your intake should be. Your age, weight, gender, place and especially your activity levels. A bodybuilder who lives in the desert of Sahara should be drinking way more than someone who’s sedentary and living in Antarctica.

By the time your thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

You’ll know when your dehydrated because one of the first things you’ll notice is that your mental performance will drop by 2%. Loss of concentration and headaches will likely occur. You shouldn’t be surprised after learning the brain is made up of 70% or more of water.

Create the habit:

You should have water within arms reach for 99% of the day. Of course you will have to build this habit yourself.

Keep doing this for at least a month and you’ll find yourself drinking water before you even realize it. Don’t worry so much about the bathroom trips at the beginning, your bladder will build up to your water intake as you increase it.

Continue watching others benefit from this amazing thing that they call water. If you don’t drink enough water, maybe you will one day and experience this extraordinary substance yourself.

Research further and read stories and studies of this amazing gift we have. It’s free, it doesn’t need advertising but it does need to be taken advantage of.

Warning: Death from water is very rare but it can happen if you do drink too much of it. Keep your electrolyte balance in check, eat potassium and sodium rich foods like banana’s and other fruits. It takes a lot of water in one sitting to actually cause an emergency situation. And do have access to a bathroom for your first few weeks while increasing your water intake.

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