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What type of rings are women allowed to wear?


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Question and Answer:


  1. Respected Mufti Saheb, Kindly advise if women are allowed to wear 9 carat gold, silver or platinum rings? Moreover, are they allowed to wear imitation jewellery rings? Shukran Was Salaam


(Question published as received)


  1. A) A woman may wear rings made of gold and silver only. Rings made from other metals apart from gold and silver are not permissible. (Shaami 6/359-360)


(a) If the ring is made of an alloy of different metals then as a principle, the ring will take the ruling of whichever metal is predominant in the alloy. Hence, if the dominant metal is gold or silver, then the ring will be permissible. If the dominant metal is other than gold or silver, then such a ring is not permitted.


Note: The content of a 24-karat gold ring is 100% gold, 18-karat is 75%, 14-karat is 58%, and 9-karat is 38%.


As such, a woman is not permitted to wear a 9-karat gold and silver ring as it predominantly contains metals other than gold and silver (under 50% gold content).


In terms of wearing platinum rings and imitation rings, it will not be permissible to wear them as its content is predominantly of various other metals. (Hidaayah 3/84)


(b) As for other types of jewellery for women including imitation jewellery besides rings – such as necklaces, bracelets, ear rings etc. – a woman will be permitted to wear them as they can be of any metal. (Jaami-ul-Fataawa 3/217)


And Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

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