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What’s wrong?




Why wear a happy mask over your real sad face?


Why? Had the triple D past? Deep, dirty and dark.


Well listen to me, we all had.


You’re not alone, there are other people who does and had too.


But you see these things were meant to come unto us for reasons we are bound to discover, maybe at this moment, you are yet to find it or maybe at this moment you cannot see it because you choose to be covered by your past, neither of the two, you need to let it go.


Our emotional breakdown and society failure are things that tend to dig up such a big hole in our hearts which becomes such a barrier for us to jump and step to another start, so don’t let it. Do not let the things that people think and talk about you become a pulling force for you to breakdown.


People are sinful, all of us are sinful.


No one can be ever deny this but the beauty of struggle is that after hardship, you stand up, repent, regret and then what? MOVE ON. Make a goal that is so ultimate that once you get it, you know in your heart you have earned the greatest victory, and what other goal can be better than Jannah?


My dear sister/brother in Islam, let the past be in the past, make a new beginning, start with prayer, By Allah Azza Wa Jall, when you start to have that connection with your Lord, wallahi, everything comes to its rightful places, there is such peace in your heart that everything seems just wonderful and your heart becomes so soft that with the mentioning of His Name not only does your heart become touched but your eyes begin to tear with the love you have for Him.


And never for a second doubt that Allah Azza Wa Jall doesn’t forgive those who repent sincerely unto Him, there are so many verses in the Qur’aan that confirms this.


Your past is a part of your timeline here in the dunya, everything was written before you were born, all these obstacles has been present and as times goes by you walk unto these obstacles and therein you will discover the strength that inevitable strength that you’ve been given since you were born, your heart. Wallahi, it’s the strongest because it has Allah Azza Wa Jall.


So my sister/brother, recognize that Allah Azza Wa Jall made this an abode of Him in you! So recognize! Know that you have Him, with every beat of your heart, you have Him. Subhan’Allah.


Yes, do not grieve because you have this and that, but be grateful because Allah Azza Wa Jall never gets tired of giving and forgiving, be grateful for with these struggles you found Him, be grateful for you were strong enough that you are able to be where you are standing now. Allah Azza Wa Jall loves you more than you can ever love Him.


Do not grieve about your past rather learn from them, learn from every mistake, from every action that led you astray, learn how to conceal what has to be concealed, know how to struggle what is ought for you to struggle and then face every endeavor that you need to keeping in mind that you have the greatest One with you, Allah Azza Wa Jall and no problem nor anything can defeat the Al Ala, The Most High!


Let your past be a reminder of the darkness you were in before Allah Azza Wa Jall has brought you into the light of Guidance. Let it be a reminder for you to strive harder, let it be a reminder for you to question yourself every now and then, will you go back into such darkness when Allah Azza Wa Jall has given you a torch so bright it affects others’ hearts?


It is true that after every storm there is a rainbow, but then also there is the rise of a beautiful sun.




let the words of Ibn Al Qayyim enter your hearts as he said;

“Whoever mocks his brother for a sin they repented from will not die til he himself falls into the same sin

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