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Senior DA MP called to resign over alleged Islamophobia


Cii News | 10 March 2014/08 Jumadal Ula 1435

The Muslim community should let the Democratic Alliance (DA) know that they have slapped them in the face and they are not going to keep quiet about it.

The South African Muslim Network (Samnet) has called for the resignation of DA Member of Parliament, Diane Kohler Barnard for effectively maligning the Muslim community. In an open letter addressed to Barnard and senior DA members, Samnet wrote that Barnard “made a huge hue and cry in Parliament, to the public and media about” The Daily Maverick’s May 13 article about the presence of Al Qaeda camps in South Africa and the involvement of a certain Muslim family in assisting and supporting such potential terrorist activity.

On June 19 of last year The Daily Maverick published a retraction and apologised to the family for rehashing what has been confirmed to be old, unproven and discredited information. To date no such apology or retraction has come from Barnard or the DA despite Samnet requesting them to on a few occasions.

“I think it’s an insult to the Muslim community frankly that they have not bothered at the very least to reply to us and say no we stand by what we said or whatever, but to have even ignored it and more so not to apologise and not to retract it… We’ve done what we can and that is to draw the attention of the Muslim public to this slap in the face,” said Samnet chairperson, Dr Faisal Suliman.

The letter also includes DA Parliamentary Leader, Lindiwe Mazibuko’s comments on Palestine and outlines the opposition party’s association with Nathan Kirsh, the Swazi billionaire with strong links to Mossad.

With national elections on this year’s calendar, Suliman said it was important for the Muslim community to be aware of the DA’s hypocrisy when it came to Palestine, to the extent that “prior to previous national and provincial elections, Palestinian solidarity activists have alleged that voting for the DA was tantamount to voting for Israel”.

He said lobbying was a tool the Muslim community needed to make better use of to voice their dissatisfaction with the DA.

Samnet has requested Muslims not to accept “such maligning of our community and religion and to effectively email, tweet and Facebook Helen Zille to remove Diane Kohler Barnard from Parliament”.

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