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Words of Wisdom

Organise your day, so that you make years out of minutes and months out of seconds.

If you desire to be accepted by all and loved by all, you desire the unattainable.

Most humans are ungrateful to their Lord, so what treatment should we expect?

An act of charity is like perfume – It benefits the seller, the user and the buyer.

Verily with hardship there is relief, eating follows hunger, drinking follows thirst, sleep comes after restlessness, health takes place after sickness and the day follows the night.

If you have found Him, you’ve found everything.

Fortify yourself to your purpose and isolate yourself in your room, except when you leave it to speak well or to do well.

The pious suck out malice from others with their sincerity, forgiveness and gentleness.

Those that achieve greatness have to surmount an ocean of difficulties and hardships before finally achieving success.

Knowledge is a light that leads to wisdom. It is life for one’s soul and a fuel for one’s character.

Al Zamakhshari, the well known commentator of Qur’an said,

“The sleepless nights I spend learning in sciences, are more beloved to me than the company or caresses of the enchanting woman.

My rapturous exhilaration when understanding a difficult concept is more delicious to me than the most exotic drink.

More delightful to me than the sound of a woman’s hand on the drum, are my hands on my papers in order to remove dust.

O’ he who tries to attain my level by wishful thinking, how much difference there is between the one who finds the pain of climbing to be too much and between the one who climbs and reaches the summit,

Do I toil through the night, while you sleep through it, yet you hope to surpass me?

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