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Wrongly Titled

By Maulana Khalid Dhorat

Many days and weeks of the year of the modern calendar are dedicated to remembering the plight of the oppressed and the most vulnerable in our society. Unfortunately, all of them are wrongly titled.

We have “National Labour Day,” it’s wrongly titled. We have “National Women’s Day,” it’s wrongly titled. We have “National Rhinoceros Day,” it’s wrongly titled. We have “Child Protection Week,” and it too has been wrongly titled. Even “World Tobacco Day” is misleading, and so is “National Cancer Day” and “World Refugees Day.” All these are wrongly titled because they focus on the victim, and not the perpetrator. They focus on the symptoms, and not the core problem. Victims, more than a sympathetic pat on the back and a bunch of flowers, need justice. They need to see that one day, all these national or international days which opens up their wounds again and again, will one day come to an end.

Celebrating these days are like cursing the darkness, rather than lighting a match.

Victims need their plight to be highlighted, but not in a more forceful way. They need justice. They need to see an end to all the atrocities, and herein lies the pun in this: the architects of the wretched secular system which produces rapists, war-mongers, pedophiles, poachers, and abusive husbands will not change the system to eliminate the problem, but they will continuously shed light on the abuses in society – abuses which become worse year after year. A few arrests here and there, and everyone thinks that things are under control.

Let us now spin the coin the other way round and see what effect it has on the human psyche. Let us change “National Workers Day” to “Condemnation of Exploiters Day.” We then put the spotlight on all the exploiters in the corporate and business world, in the mining, agricultural and service sector, and bring them to book. Some of those “exploiters” may be very powerful, so it’s all the more reason to take on the challenge. Giving labourers a day off and then exploiting them for the entire year makes no sense at all.

Now let’s take “Child Protection Week,” and change it to “Week to Arrest all Pedophiles of the World.” The police, army and all civil servants of the world should then track down all pedophiles and off chop their heads, because that is what they really deserve for their satanism. Doesn’t this sound a little more better? Pornography, indecent dressing, prostitution, and free mixing all contribute towards the abuse of our pure and innocent children, so let the demonist secular society based on pleasing Iblees, ban pornography, nudity, indecency and alcohol for good. If this is done, coupled with stiff punishments, then we will – Insha Allah – get somewhere. This is what victims really want. Don’t they? Will our secular society do this? No. So we will be running around catching our tails in circles for ever.

Then we have the cherry on the cake – “World Refugee Day.” On this day, we will maybe visit a refugee camp and provide a packet of Marie biscuits to a malnourished child. Some will not even take note of it. So, why don’t we rename this day to “Awareness of the One World Order Day,” and expose the happenings of how the rich and powerful invade lands, rob people of their natural resources, kill innocent people, devalue their currencies in order to cripple their economies, and actually create the refugee crises we see today? Wouldn’t that make a difference in the life of a refugee? Definitely so. In time, with this approach, a refugee may even return to his home one day. But sadly, majority of refugees will die in exile, maybe due to lack of food, medicine and water, on a gloomy night with no one in sight. You see, the very people who create the mess, want us to fix up it up without addressing the core problem.

Then we have “National Cancer Day” and everyone is seen wearing a pink bow. Muslims will wear pink scarves, shoppers will wear pink shoes and men will wear pink shirts. We may even put a pink collar on our dog or cat for the day, but did all this cure the cancer patient? Is the colour pink a magic colour to remove aggressive cancer cells from a victim’s stomach, breast or spine? If not, why do we do so.

So, let’s rather flip and name the day “Day of Healthy Living and Safe Medicine”. We then educate people on the types of food and lifestyle factors that actually cause cancer. Thousands of people have been cured of cancer by various natural means, like alkalizing water, the ketogenic diet, the grape diet, ozone therapy etc, and their testimonies should be collected. Workshops should be held and a massive health campaign must be held. Will this not be more energizing than the mere pink ribbon? Yes, wear the pink ribbon by all means, for pink is a very soothing and calming colour, but put substance behind it.

We should examine all our national and international days like this, and flip it around. Once we change our approach from mere sympathy, to awareness – awareness of who and what causes these problems, then we will get somewhere. We need an urgent overhaul of our society and a re-evaluation of our values, not only window dressing. Secularism as vehicle of freedom to spread darkness should be abolished and religious values should take it’s place, for only in following the system of Allah can mankind regain their happiness.

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