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Your Worst Enemy

A 28 year old mother of two looks into the mirror, she is dressed in an elegant abaaya and beautifully draped dupatta,her face has minimal make up yet a glow illuminates her look,a natural beauty. She looks at her reflection in disgust,criticizing herself from head to toe. I hate the way my dupatta sets it is so untidy,I could never pull off wearing such a lovely abayaa it just does not suit me,I have gained so much weight I look like a hippo,my eyes are so puffy maybe I should use that heavy foundation but then I would look like a clown.I am so ugly,everybody at the function is going to look gorgeous accept for me. I am useless, worthless and disgusting hence I shall just make an excuse and rather stay home. She is her worst enemy.

He is a diligent and hard worker never missing an opportunity to work the extra hours to get his projects done and this secured his promotion yet he was never confident that he could be the next C.F.O of such a reputed bank. He doubted himself and questioned his abilities,his age , his time and his qualifications. I cannot possibly be chosen for such an important position, I cannot handle such major decision making,I am not the only capable employee at this bank,the guy from finance deserves it more as he is far more intelligent and qualified. Hence he refused the offer and quit his job in the process. He is his worst enemy.

She quickly checks her husbands phone again as he is in the shower. He never ever gave her reason to doubt his loyalty yet she obsessed over the idea of him having an affair often falsely accusing him of chatting to other woman or looking for attention from his female colleagues. Why is he ten minutes late from work,he is probably flirting with that blonde lady from his office,why is he wearing so much fragrance today he wants to smell nice for her,why is he taking his phone to the bathroom probably because he wants to chat to some woman. Although he loved her with all his heart he was tired of the constant accusations and arguments and one day after a huge fight he gave her one talaaq in a fit of rage. She is her worst enemy.

He is an intelligent student often getting straight A’s as he worked hard for it. He was in his final year of school when the stress of entering medical school overwhelmed him and he started to join the wrong crowd, taking drugs to ease his mind resulting in him failing matric. Upon reading his results he could not accept it. How could I do this, I have failed not only matric but my parents and teachers,I am a loser, I am such a waste, I am a disappointment, I hate myself alas his lifeless body was found hanging from the ceiling the next day. He was his worst enemy.

You are your own worst enemy!

Often we think of others as our worst enemy based on their attitude,words and actions towards us but what about our attitude,words and actions towards ourselves. We hurt,we insult,we judge,we taunt,we ridicule,we abuse and we hate ourselves daily. The enemy within us is far more powerful and destructive. We create monsters in our minds that destroy our inner peace,happiness and confidence. These monsters are your thoughts perfectly placed by shaytaan(0ur ultimate enemy)into our minds to cause us to become self destructive and divert us from the light and love of Allah.

Let us learn the art of loving ourselves,healing ourselves,motivating ourselves, forgiving ourselves, inspiring ourselves and befriending ourselves.

Be aware of what you say to yourself as those thoughts can make you or break you.

May Allah bless us with the ability to see the best in ourselves and others.Ameen.

By N Chhipa

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