15 Measures of Protection Against Jinn & Black Magic

  1. Eating Dates

Eat seven pressed dates in the morning before eating any food if you can. Dates should preferably be from Al-Madinah. If this is not possible, then eat any pressed dates. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever eats seven pressed (ajwah) dates every morning before eating any food, will not be affected by poison or sihr!” (Al-Bukhari: 10/249, the Book of Medicine, Chapter: Treatment of sorcery with ‘Ajwah.)

2 – Al-Wudhoo’

Sihr does not affect a person in a state of Wudhoo’, for he is protected by an angel sent by the Merciful (Allaah). Ibn’Abbaas (RA) reported: “The Prophet (peace and blessing upon him) said: ‘Wash these bodies, and Allaah (‘azza wa jall) will wash you. There is not a servant who sleeps in a state of Wudhoo’, but that an angel accompanies him in his clothes; and there is not a moment that he moves in bed, but that the angel says: ‘O Allaah! Forgive Your Servant, for he has slept in a clean state.” (Transmitted by At-Tabarani in Al-Awsat. According to Al-Mundiri, the chain of transmission is very good (At-Targhib: 2/13)).

3 – Observing congregational Salaah

Observing Salaah in congregation secures a Muslim person from Satan, and neglecting it makes Satan dominate him. And if Satan dominates a person, he harms him with Sihr and other things which he can easily do. Aboo Ad-Dardaa’ (RA) reported: “I heard the Prophet (peace and blessing upon him) say: ‘There are not three people in a town or in the countryside who do not observe congregational Salaah, but that Satan dominates them. Remain with the community, for the wolf seizes the solitary sheep moving away from the flock.'” (Al-Bukhari: (Fath Al-Bari 3/34) and Muslim: (An-Nawawi: 6/63).)

4 – Qiyaamu Al-Layl (Observing optional Salaah during the night)

Whosoever wishes to protect himself against Sihr should observe Salaah during the night. Neglecting it allows Satan to dominate a man. If he does, then you will make yourself a hot-bed for the effect of Sihr on you. Ibn Mas’ood (RA) reported: “When the Prophet (peace and blessing upon him) was asked about his opinion of a man who slept until Salaatul-Fajr, without waking up for Qiyyamul-Layl, he said that Satan urinated in the man’s ear.'” (Aboo Dawud: 1/150 (a sound chain of transmission).)

Sa’eed Ibn Mansoor reported: “Ibn ‘Umar (RA) said, ‘Not a man wakes up in the morning without having observed Salaahul-witr, but that a rope measuring approximately seventy cubits will be put over his head in the morning.”‘ (According to Al-Hafiz, a very good chain of transmission (Fath: 3/25))

5 – Istiaa’dah – Seeking refuge with Allaah (‘azza wa jalla) upon entering the toilet

A Muslim should seek refuge with Allaah (‘Azza wa Jalla) upon entering the toilet, because Satan takes advantage of the Muslim’s presence in the toilet in order to harm him in this filthy place which is the home of Satanic Jinn. One day, a Jinn informed me that he entered and possessed a person because he did not seek refuge in Allaah upon entering the toilet. However, Allaah supported me in driving him out of that person.

Furthermore, one Jinn told me that Allaah (‘azza wa jalla) has given us a strong weapon to conquer them, but we do not use it. I asked him what was it, and he said:

‘The invocations laid down by the Prophet (peace and blessing upon him).’

It is confirmed that the Prophet (peace and blessing upon him) used to say the following invocation upon entering the toilet: “Allaahumma innee a’oodhu bika minal-khubthi wal-khbaa’ithi (O Allaah! I seek refuge in you from the male & female Satans.)” (Al-Bukhaari. (Fath Al-Bari: 1/292) and Muslim: (An-Nawawi: 4/70).)

6 – Seeking refuge with Allaah (‘azza wa jalla) upon starting Salaah

Jubayr Ibn Mut’im reported: “I (peace be upon him) the Prophet (peace and blessing upon him) say: ‘Allaahu akbaru kabira, walhamdu lillahi kathira, wa subhanAllaahi bukratan wa asila’ three times (and): A’uzu billahi mina shaytani rajimi min nafkhihi wa nafthihi wa hamzihi (Allaah (‘Azza wa Jalla) is the Greatest, much Praise be to Allaah if, and Glory be to Allaah if in the morning and in the evening. I seek refuge with Allaah (‘Azza wa Jalla) from the Satan’s arrogance, poetry, epilepsy and lunacy.) (Aboo Dawud (1/203);)

7 – Protecting one’s new wife against Sihr at the time of marriage

Soon after concluding the marriage contract, put your right hand upon her forehead and say:

Allaahumma innee as’aluka khayrahaa wa khayra maa jabaltha ‘alayhi, wa a ‘uzu bika min sharrihaa wa sharri ma jabaltha ‘alayhi’ (O Allaah! I ask you for any good that may come from her and any good that You have created in her natural disposition, and seek refuge with you from any evil that may come from her, and any evil that You have created in her natural disposition). (Abi Dawud; (151).)

8 – Initiating Marital Life with Salaah

‘Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood (RA) said: “On your wedding night; that is on the night when the marriage is to be consummated for the first time; and before intercourse, do two rak’as and ask your wife to follow suit behind you, and say the following invocation:

‘Allaahumma barik li fi ahlee, wa barik lahum fiyya, Allaahumma ijma’ baynanaa ma jama’ta bikhayr, wa farriq baynanaa idhaa farraqta bikhayr.’ (O Allaah! Make my wife blessed for me and make me blessed for her. O Allaah! If You unite us, unite us on what is good, and if you separate us, separate us on what is good.) (Transmitted by At-Tabarani.)

9 – Protection from the Satan during intercourse

Ibn ‘Abbaas (RA) reported: “The Prophet (peace and blessing upon him) said, ‘If you say the following invocation during sexual intercourse, and a baby is conceived, Satan would never harm that baby.: ‘Allaahumma jannibna ash-shaytaan wa jannibi ash-shaytaan maa razaqtanaa’ (O Allaah! Keep us away from Satan, and keep Satan away from any blessing you bestow on us.) (Al-Bukhari (Fath Al-Bari: 1/291) and Muslim.)

One Jinn told me, after his conversion to Islaam and repentance, that he used to take part in a man’s sexual intercourse with his wife, because that man did not say the above invocation. Glory be to Allaah! We have so many valuable treasures but we do not appreciate their value.

10 – Make Wudhoo’ before going to bed, recite Aayatul Kursi

Make Wudhoo’ before going to bed, recite Aayatul Kursi and invoke Allaah in bed until you fall asleep. It is confirmed that Satan told Aboo Hurayrah (RA):

“Whosoever recites Aayatul Kursi before going to bed, he will be guarded by Allaah (‘azza wa jalla) and no Satan will approach him throughout the night.”

The Prophet (Peace and Blessing upon Him) confirmed the Satan’s statement and told Aboo Hurayrah:

“Satan told you the truth, but he is a liar.” (Al-Bukhaari (Fath Al-Baari: 6/338) and Muslim (An-Nawawi: 17/17).)

11 – Laa ilaaha illaaAllaah

Say: ‘Laa ilaaha illaaAllaah wahdahu laa shareeka lahoo lahulmuk wa lahulhamdu wa huwwa ‘alaa kulli shay’in qadeer’ 100 times after Salaahul Fajr.

The Prophet (Peace and Blessing upon Him) said that: “Whosoever says it will have a reward equal to the manumission of 10 slaves, will have ten good deeds added to and ten bad deeds erased from his register, and will be protected by this supplication the Satan throughout the day until the evening. No one is better than he who says this supplication except a man who says more.”

12 – Entering the Mosque

‘A’oodhu billaahi al-‘ azeemi, wa biwajhihi al-karimi, wa sultanihi al-qadimi minash-shaytani ar-rajimi’ (I seek refuge in Allaah, the All-Magnificent, His Face the All-Glorious, and His Sovereignty the All-Antiquated, from Satan the outcast.) It is confirmed that the Prophet entering the mosque said, “Whenever a Muslim says the above invocation, Satan says, ‘He is defended against me for the rest of the day.'” (Aboo Daawood: 1/127)

13 – Invocation

Say the following invocation, three times in the morning and three times in the evening:

‘Bismillahi al-ladhee laa yadhurru ma’asmihi shay’un fil-ardhi wa laa fis-samaa’ wa huwwaas-sami’u al-‘aleem’ (In the Name of Allaah, with Whose Name nothing harms, on earth and in Heavens, and He is the All-Hearer, the All-Aware.) (At-Tirmidhi: 5/133)

14 – Leaving the house

Upon leaving the house say: ‘Bismillahi tawakkaltu ‘ala Allaahi la hawla wala quwwata illa billahi’ When you say it, you will be told (without your awareness): “You have been spared, protected and guided” The Satan will keep away from you and will tell another: “What can you do to a man who has been guided, protected and spared?” (Aboo Dawud: 4/325 and At-Tirmidhi: 5/154.)

15 – Say: ‘A’oodhu bikalimaati Allaahi at-tammaati min sharri ma khalaq

In the morning and in the evening. Muslim: (An-Nawawi: 17/32

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