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24 cute things to do for your spouse

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It doesn’t take much to put a little extra spark in your relationship. Read on for 24 simple and totally do-able ideas:
  • It doesn’t take much to put a little extra spark in your relationship. Read on for 25 simple and totally do-able ideas:
    1. Sneak a love note into his lunch (Have you written on a napkin before? Now is a great time to start.)
    2. Massage her feet. I can almost guarantee she’ll thank you.
    3. Write a message on your bathroom mirror — in lipstick.
    4. Or leave him a note with the words written backwards, that he has to decode in the mirror.
    5. Create a mix of his favorite nazms/ nasheeds.
    6. Visit her at work.
    7. Surprise her with flowers.
    8. Does she usually take on the task of preparing meals? Next time, lend a helping hand. Or even better, request that she leave the kitchen and relax while you whip up a meal.
    9. Send him a quick, loving text. It’s sure to brighten his day.
    10. Do you rarely get around to making dessert? Me either. Surprise him with his favorite treat.
    11. Plan a romantic getaway. Think mini-honeymoon.
    12. Send her a sweet email, Facebook message, or write on her blog.
    13. When is the last time you wrote poetry? Maybe in your 7th grade English class?  Write your sweetheart a poem.
    14. Kiss her on the forehead.
    15. Take a stroll down memory lane together.
    16. The Tooth Fairy shouldn’t get to have all the fun. Leave a tiny treat under his pillow.
    17. And while we’re on the subject of pillows, if you can’t remember the last time you made the bed, maybe you should give it a try.
    18. Make him breakfast in bed.
    19. Tell her she’s beautiful.
    20. Write down 25 things you love about your husband. Have him do the same for you.
    21. Let him know how handsome he is.
    22. Buy him a tool. (I’m convinced my husband will never think he has enough.)
    23. Bring home a carton of ice cream eat together on the couch.
    24. Make sure and say “I love you” as often as possible. I don’t think those three little words can ever get old.

    Whether you feel like your relationship is a little rocky, or simply sublime, there is bound to be something in this list that will put a smile on your spouse’s face. Today is a great day to start!

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