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5 ways to improve your marriage using your iPhone

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Below are five practical ways you can improve your marriage using your smart phone

by Dave and Ashley Willis 

We live in an age of technology where most people spend more time with their cell phones than they spend with their husbands or wives. Despite the negative drawbacks our phones can potentially have on our relationships, these tiny supercomputers can also be a powerful tool for building relationships. If you’ll apply the five simple principles below to your daily routine, I’m convinced your marriage will be stronger by tomorrow. Seriously. Give it a try!

1. Turn off your phone when you’re with your spouse.

I know this isn’t always practical, but whenever possible, keep your phone off when you’re together. Talking with your spouse is always better than texting with somebody else! Once the temptation to constantly check your texts and social media feeds is temporarily turned off, you’ll be able to engage in much more meaningful conversation with your spouse.

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2. Answer your phone every time your spouse calls.

Even if you have to make the call quick and tell him/her that you’ll call back as soon as you can, always make the effort to answer when your spouse is calling. It’s one of the simplest and most practical ways to show them the place of priority they have in your mind, your heart, and your schedule.

3. Flirt with your spouse via text messages throughout the day.

When you’re apart, use your phone to stay connected. A simple text message can communicate thoughtfulness. It let’s your spouse know that they’re on your mind! The texts can be just to check in with each other or they can be fun and flirty or they can be really steamy. That’s up to you! The bottom line is that communication always creates stronger intimacy.
4. Delete the contacts of any “friends” who are a negative influence.

This one might be tough, but it’s hugely important. Few things will impact the course of your life and marriage like the voices you allow to be your influences. If there’s anyone in your contacts list who is consistently a negative voice, you need to remove their influence from your life. Surround yourself with people who will strengthen your character and remove yourself from people who would attempt to compromise your character.


5. Use your phone to watch and/or read marriage-building resources.

Instead of using the technology to view stuff that will harm your marriage (like porn),  read ebooks which will actually have a positive impact on your relationship.

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