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A poetic letter to Muslims of America

Dearest Muslims of America…
I know it’s easy for us to hear Trump and just laugh
But we don’t know the concerns you have about your headscarf
It’s easy for us to say Trump is a man we never feared
But we ain’t you sitting in America wondering about our beard
To destroy terrorism he says he’ll give an arm
But we all know he only intends your peaceful Islam
Perhaps you fear that life will change and eyes will stare
And about Muslims the new America won’t care
Perhaps you fear walking in the street and being picked on
Never going shopping without being sworn
This might not mean much but it has to be told
Whenever you belittled, our hand is there to hold
Come rain, come snow, no matter the weather
We might not be there, but remember we stand together
And even if Trump spreads his hatred far and wide
Remember, Allah is always by your side
Black, white, brown and yellow too
Your global brothers and sisters will always stand with you
Never let it get to you, never fear his tone
We stand with you, you are not alone
If we have to, we’ll join you in the fight against this bitter pill
So one day, you and your kids can live as an equal
So let the haters hate
They’ll never harm our faith
And let the harmers harm
Someone tell them, we stand as one.
~Yusuf Omar~
…On behalf of Muslims around the world.

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