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A Satanist Cult disguised as Deen

Based on several cases which some Ulama in Durban and surrounding areas have had to deal with and treat in the recent past, it is necessary to draw the attention of the public to a Satanic Cult preying on Muslims. This cult has elements of Satanism, Kabala (Jewish witchcraft), Free-masonry and Shiasm as its underpinnings.

The outer façade which this cult uses to draw the unwary into its clutches is the appearance of a Deeni and holy atmosphere. It preys primarily on Muslim women, and manipulates their soft nature. Some of the catch phrases used to get the unguarded individuals interested are:

  • Its time to find your true purpose and meaning in life
  • Your spirit is calling for a revolution and rebirth
  • You need to link to the Law of the Universe and the secrets of the Taurah
  • You need a Muslim life coach to help you along this journey

On the surface, these appear to be very innocent and well-meaning.

“Islamic Fashion” is employed as a malevolent promotional tool. As a Trojan horse, the cult uses Durood programs to ensnare the gullible into their circles. Members are initially prescribed some forms of Zikr in order to make them feel that they are progressing in the Islamic pathway.

(Note: Salawaat upon Nabi Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, referred to as Durood in Urdu, is a highly meritorious act of Ibaadah. There is sufficient guidance from Quráan and Sunnah as to the significance and method of this indispensable aspect of Deen. Muslims are in no need of some “new guidance” in this regard. See Fazail Durood for more details).

Muslim radio stations have, negligently or unwittingly, given this cult promotional airtime. Hence their reach has expanded.

Once individuals show interest, they are invited to “spiritual retreats”, often held at exotic overseas tourist locations. Women mostly travel alone, without a Mahram, where they are easily brainwashed.

Women who become suspicious and start to question the workings of the cult are, as typical with all cult movements, made to feel guilty. They are run down as being judgemental and “influencers” (a term used in social media) make them feel uncomfortable to the point that they start doubting themselves.

As the members progress in the cult, they are advised to study these books:

  • The Kybalion (author unknown)
  • A Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield
  • The Secret, by Rhonda Bryne
  • The Magic, by Rhonda Bryne
  • The Power of Kabalah, by Yehuda Berg

Some of the books prescribe daily mental exercises, which members are required to diligently follow. From the patients treated, it was discovered that the effect of these exercises is psyche-capture and mind-control over the initiates.

Followers are urged to give up being in Purdah, and then to advertise this on social media platforms, where other cult members laud praise on this Rubicon of “emancipation”.

After being led through many phases and layers within this cult, the ultimate book which is prescribed is “Al Zuhur”, also referred to as “The Book of Enlightenment”. Its author is described as “Nur Muhammdiyah”. It is referred to as a “Book of Allah”, which unravels the secrets of the Taurah.

The final straw is when members of the cult sell their souls to Shaytaan and begin making sacrifices for him.

The Deen of Allah Ta’ala is perfect and complete. In a Hadith, Rasulullah Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said:

قد تركتكم على البيضاء ليلها كنهارها لا يزيغ عنها بعدي إلا هالك

I have left you on such a pathway which is clear and bright, its day is like its night (there are no hidden dark corners or mysteries). After I have gone, no one will divert from (this pathway) except that he will be destroyed. (Sunan Ibn Majah)

All the spiritual enlightenment we need is found in Quráan and Sunnah. There is absolutely no need to resort to other ideologies and newly introduced methods of spiritual progress. As a simple rule of thumb, if the promoters of any ideology cannot trace it back to Quráan and Sunnah, then stay far away from it even at the expense of losing one’s life. A Muslim is willing to lose his/her life, but not his/her Imaan.

May Allah Ta’ala guide us all and protect us from the clandestine trappings of Shaytaan, Ameen.

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