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A Story Of Hajj


A Very Touching Hajj Story !

Sa’eed was sitting at the waiting area at the Jeddah airport after having just completed the rites of Hajj.

The man next to him said: “I work as a contractor and Allah Ta’ala has blessed me with performing my tenth Hajj.”

Sa’eed told him: ” Hajj mabroor, may Allah accept and forgive your sins.”

The man smiled and said: “Ameen.”

Then he asked : ” Have you performed Hajj before this time?”

Sa’eed was hesitating to tell him, and then he said:

“By Allah, it’s a long story and I don’t want to hurt your head with my talk.”

The man laughed and said: “Please tell me, as you see we have nothing to do, we’re just waiting.”

Sa’eed smiled and said: “Yes, waiting is the start of my story. I’ve been waiting for so many years so that I could go for  Hajj.

After working for thirty years as a physiotherapist in a private hospital, I was able to save enough money to go for Hajj.

The same day I went to get my savings, I came across one of the mother’s who’s paralyzed son I treat.

I could see her face was worried and anxious.”

She said: “I leave him to Allah’s keeping, Brother Sa’eed this is our last visit to this hospital”.

I was surprised with her words and I thought she wasn’t happy with my treatment and our service and that she therefore  considered moving her son to another hospital.

She told me: “No brother Sa’eed, Allah bears witness that you were to my son like a father, and you helped him in his treatment when we had lost hope.” Then she left very saddened.

The man next to him interrupted and said: “That’s strange, if she was pleased with your treatment and her son was improving then why did she leave?

Sa’eed answered: “That’s what I thought so too, so I went to the administration to find out what happened.  They told me the boy’s father had lost his job and was unable to continue paying for his son’s treatment.”

The man next to him said:  “There is no Might nor Power except with Allah, poor them, how did you deal with it?

Sa’eed said: “I went to the manager and pleaded with him to continue treating the boy on the hospital’s expense, but he sharply rejected and said, ‘this is a private institution not a charity’. I left his office sad and broken for this family.  Then suddenly, I placed my hands in my pocked which had my money all prepared for Hajj.

I stood in my place for a while, and then I raised my head above and spoke to my Rabb Allah: O Allah, You know how I feel and You know there is nothing more beloved to me than to go to Your House and do Hajj, and to visit Your Messenger’s  (peace be upon him) Masjid.  You know I have been working all my life for this moment, but I prefer this poor lady and her son over myself, so don’t deprive me of Your favors.

I went to the accounts desk and paid all I had for his treatment which covered the next six months. I begged the accountant to tell the lady that it’s from the hospital expense for special cases.  He was affected by this and there were tears in his eyes and said, ‘baarak Allah feek and people like you’”

The man next to him then said: “If you donated all of your money, then how did you come for Hajj?

Sa’eed said:  ” I went back to my home sad that day for having lost the opportunity of a lifetime for Hajj. But my heart was filled with happiness that I removed a distress from the lady and her son.  I slept that night with a tear on my cheek.  I had a dream and I was making tawaf (circumbulating)around the Ka’aba and people were saying salaam to me and they told me:  ‘Hajj mabroor O Sa’eed, for you have performed Hajj in the heavens before you performed Hajj on earth’.

I immediately woke up and felt an indescribable happiness.  I praised Allah Ta’ala for everything and was pleased with His decree. When I got up from my sleep, my phone rang and it was the hospital’s manager.

He told me the owner of the hospital wants to go to Hajj this year and he won’t go without his personal therapist. But his therapist’s wife is expecting and has reached her final days of pregnancy so he can’t leave her.

‘Would you do me favor, he asked politely. Would you accompany him for  Hajj?’

I made sujood shukr (prostrated in gratitude to Allah Ta’ala). As you see, Allah Ta’ala granted me this gift to go to His House without having to pay anything. All praise to Allah, the owner of the hospital insisted on giving me something for his accompaniment.

I told him the story of the lady and her son, and he demanded the boy be treated at the hospital from his own personal expense and to place a donations box in the hospital for the treatment of needy patients. He also gave the boy’s father a job at one of his companies.

He even returned the money I had initially spent for the boy’s treatment.

Have you seen great favors than the favours of my Rabb Allah?.. Subhan Allah.

The man next to him hugged him and told him: “By Allah, I have never felt this kind of embarrassment as I’m feeling now.  I would perform Hajj one year after another thinking I was doing something great, and that my place with Allah would be elevated as a result of it. But now I understood that your Hajj is equivalent to a thousand of mine. I went to the house of Allah, but Allah invited you to His house. May Allah accept your Hajj!”

Editor’s Note: Sometimes Allah Ta’ala will give you exactly what you want after he tests your devotion and sincerity. Allah Ta’ala works in the most mysterious ways and we need to place our Trust in Him!

(from the discourses of Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmed (db)

Hadrat Mufti Jamil Ahmed (rahmatullah alayh) of Jamia Ashrafia Lahore used to relate a story about a cowhand outside of Lahore whose only work was raising & milking cows. He developed an intense desire to see Bait Ullah (the Holy Kaaba) but he was very poor & had no means.

After continuously asking people how he could go to Hajj someone finally told him that he could not go from Lahore but that pilgrims leave on ships from Karachi. Hence this cowhand boarded a train & reached Karachi. He asked the same questions of people at the station & was told that pilgrims left after gathering at the Haji Camp at the seaport.

The Haji Camp was far but fortunately some people who were going by that way offered him a ride & left him at the camp. Now this cowhand observed pilgrims boarding & leaving on ships for many days & mwondered what he could do since he neither had proper documentation nor any money for the journey.

He observed porters boarding & leaving the ships after helping the pilgrims with their luggage & was determined to somehow board one of the ships. One of the porters told him that he could only board the ship if he was wearing a porter uniform, & so he talked the porter into lending him a jacket which he would send back with some of the luggage being brought off the ship. This porter agreed & so this cowhand managed to smuggle himself onboard one of the ships bound for Jeddah.

The ship got underway & he asked a pilgrim named Abdullah to let him know when Jeddah was near. The ship neared Jeddah at nightfall & so Abdullah let the cowhand know that Jeddah’s lights were visible & the captain had announced they would be docking soon. This cowhand mounted the ship’s railing & dived off the edge into the sea. Abdullah was shocked & ran to the edge to see if he would come up but it was dark & so Abdullah feared that the cowhand must surely have drowned.

As Abdullah performed Hajj & was leaving after the Tawaf-e-Ziyarah he noticed the same cowhand he had met on the ship dressed in fine white robes. They met enthusiastically & Abdullah asked what had happened to him. His friend ( the cowhand) invited him to his house so they could talk at leisure.

Once outside the Haram, Abdullah & the cowhand get into a brand new limousine with a driver in front. He was perplexed & asked what was going on. The cowhand said that the car & driver were his & he would explain everything at home.

Abdullah was even more at a loss when the limousine pulled up in front of a beautiful mansion & so asked his friend to tell him everything that had happened. Thus the cowhand started explaining.

He explained to Abdullah that he neither had paperwork nor money but a desperate desire to perform Hajj so he had jumped overboard. He did not know how to swim but half-drowned he reached the shores of Jeddah.

He laid half-conscious until dawn when he searched of a way out of the port & noticed a house. There he saw that two men were trying to milk a cow but the cow was not cooperating because the men obviously did not know the technique required.

After observing their unsuccessful efforts for some time, he motioned to these men that he could milk the cow if they would let him. The men agreed & so the cowhand sat next to the cow. Being a specialist at handling cows he was able to milk enough to fill not only one but two pails for the men.

By the grace of Allah the owner of this house was the superintendent in charge of the port, & his wife wanted milk for her children. They had been very unsuccessful at handling their cow & so their children would remain hungry. The wife was so glad at having so much milk for the children that her husband said they would hire the cowhand permanently to milk their cow.

The cowhand explained his situation & the superintendent forgave him for not having his paperwork & would arrange everything if only he would stay & milk the cow. This cowhand was a simple man & insisted that he only wanted to perform Hajj. The superintendent said he would arrange this too.

It so happened that the superintendent’s father-in-law had a dairy farm on which he kept up to 200 hundred cows, & he too was having difficulty finding a specialist at milking his cows. The wife was so impressed that she called her father & boasted about their new cowhand & how beneficial he could be for the diary farm.

They sent their new employee to the dairy farm where he very easily & efficiently milked many cows. The owner was very impressed & saw the solution to his problems. He offered the cowhand a job at the dairy farm but all the cowhand said he wanted to do was perform Hajj after which he had to return to his family.

The dairy farm owner was very rich & was not about to see his new discovery get away. Hence he said that he would not only provide the cowhand a house & car by which he could go to Hajj & also Umra every day if he wanted to, but he would also arrange the necessary paperwork to have the cowhand’s family brought over to live on the farm.

The cowhand concluded his story saying that everything was now his,whereas all he had set out to accomplish was to see the House of Allah.

Hadrat Mufti Jamil Ahmed said upon relating this story that such a story proves that everyone can perform Hajj if a poor cowhand with no means can do it. Hajj is a tremendous journey that demands money, but this story proves that love & desire are much more a factor in that journey’s completion.

The only shortcoming preventing us from this fabulous journey is the desire that is evident from this story. We as Muslims need to not only develop this love & desire within us but supplicate tirelessly to Allah to grant us this so that we may get the ability to see His House again & again.

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