Shoks Mnisi Mzolo – Cii News | 15 September 2014/20 Dhul Qa’dah 1435

As Palestinian children, in Gaza, resumed schooling – after more two months of interruption thanks to the Israeli military’s shelling that took scores of lives (including 500 children) and destroyed property in this blockaded region – Tel Aviv regime’s Number 1 supporter, Washington, has enlisted some Middle Eastern nations to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Both the US and the Arab states are conveniently ignoring Israel’s impunity and slaughter of more than 2,100 Palestinians, a Semitic group.

It’s worth asking whether this alliance, like Israel, sees Palestinians as sub-human. To paraphrase George Orwell, are some humans (or, in this case, the people of Palestinians) less human than others? History will judge the United States – the regime that created Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram and caused much havoc in Vietnam and elsewhere – and its groupies harshly. Sadly, as Palestinians repeatedly argue, Arab states largely support US and Zionist terror.

Many of these countries, March for Justice chairman Prof Nidal Sakr told Sabahul Khair, are fragile dictatorships that submit to the Western agenda and betray their people. This is why they, but two or so, continue to consort with Nazist Israel despite its decades of atrocities and occupation or colonisation of Palestine yet jump when the question of isil comes up. There is more to the anti-Isis alliance than meets the eye. Do, like the US and Zionists, the Middle Eastern governments appreciate the real agenda and long-term ramifications?

In the long term the countries huddling with the US could facilitate their “collapse” but their short-term desperate need to survive and need to stall or stymie the march to justice for all, by the masses, will cloud the region’s vision. Put differently, the embattled dictatorships – threatened by popular movement that started in 2011 – are accelerating their own demise.

“These Arab regimes have been looking outwards for somebody to give them constituency, to give them support, to keep them in power, to keep them in office. Their allegiance or their submission and succumbing to the US desire of waging war against the people of the region, once again, is another sign of collaboration, another sign of betrayal, another sign of these regimes being mercenaries to the enemies of the Umma,” Sakr said.

This human rights and pro-democracy activist’s statement can be dismissed by some, notably the Zionists and other supremacists or anti-equality proponents in that league, as loaded or “outdated” rhetoric. In truth, it is countries in the Middle East, and North Africa, that are helping the US-Israel agenda to mow people of this region. Egypt, whose democratically-elected government under Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi, is an example. In collaboration with Tel Aviv, Cairo, whose Abdel Fattah El-Sisi administration was propped by external forces via a coup d’état and sham elections, has ensured that the Palestinians in Gaza remain under siege.

“We’ve seen that the US (move) does not only particularly target ISIL alone. Whether it’s the coup in Egypt, whether it’s the pressures that have been put on Qatar and Turkey and so forth, in fact, the Muslim Brotherhood and the so-called moderate Islamic movements are all targeted and subject to this war,” Sakr told Cii listeners.

From this perspective, he asserted, the anti-Isis alliance is a ploy by Washington to enable the US to spread its tentacles to the Middle East region, divide it, and rule it as the only superpower. Further, while it is unclear whether ISIL is the creation of the US, this country, added Sakr, has successfully exploited the emerging group’s violation of human rights for its own benefit and to silently stoke Islamophobia.

The Arab nations who offered to attack ISIL, under the auspices of the US – the superpower that enabled Zionist rulers to displace millions and subjugate and massacre millions more indigenous Palestinians – will be part of a military campaign that spans air strikes and ground attacks. Whatever the outcome, Washington would not be seen as an aggressor but, as it prefers to project itself amid the countless atrocities, as a responsible citizen of the world.

Looking at the bigger picture, Sakr noted that this could well pave the way for a new US-driven world “arrangement”. Indeed another example of Washington’s desire for imperialism. “The US has gone into the Middle East and is already occupying the Middle East and is creating a whole new arrangement for the Middle East,” explained this academic and activist. “In the short term (the US) will use those Arab dictators to get in and to exercise its influence and control and allow it to withdraw the law of the region.