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They entered their favourite restuarant and were greeted warmly by the staff as they are regulars at this exclusive upmarket seafood restaurant. The kids run to the play area while their parents get comfortable in thier favourite spot. The waiter knows them well and rushes over to take their order, without hesitation they order a feast that could feed five adults and three kids yet they were just a family of four, two adults and two kids. Their delicious food arrive just the way they like it and the kids refuse to settle and so their parents allow them to play while they dig into their meal. The kids refused to eat the seafood as they demanded burgers and fries, which were not on the menu so their parents promise to take them to the fast food drive thru afterwards. After half an hour and only a quarter of the meal eaten they left. Their platters of food just lay on the table untouched. They did not even consider taking the left overs home as they had plans to indulge in a plush breakfast at new restaurant the next morning. On thier way out she noticed a family sitting on the pavement, a little toddler sat next to his mum. She pleaded with every passerby for a slice of bread or a little cash for milk just to feed her baby. This brought tears to her eyes and she soon realized the value of food. She brought her children over to the lady on the pavement to give her a donation but nore importantly to highlight the importance of valuing food. From that night onwards they never wasted nor fussed over the food their parents made or bought as their mother always reminded them of the image of the lady and her baby begging for just a slice of bread.

The tap in her bathroom has been leaking for over a month. Drip after drip of precious water. She asked her husband to call the plumber yet they did not take it seriously as fresh, clean water for them is just a tap away. They never valued nor acknowledged the amount of water being wasted day and night just by this leak which they placed a bucket under. A severe drought hit the country and water cuts were now the order of the day. After a month of no rain the local government shut down the water supply in their area and they were now allowed just 25 litres of water a day which arrived in a water truck. It was 33 degrees and she habitually went to the tap only to realize no water was going to full her cup. She looked at the bucket under the leaking tap and it was empty it was then that she realized the amount of water they took for granted. She was thirsty and sticky due her not having a shower in over two days. This brought tears to her eyes and regret to her heart as she wished for just a glass of the litres of water they wasted.

The wedding took over a year to plan and arrange. It had to be the most stunning wedding this side of the equator. Her father left no stone unturned in hiring the best decor and catering for his only daughters dream wedding. A ten course meal followed by tea was printed on the card. As the guests arrived an exquisite table of fresh juice and fruit welcomed them. The interior was a beautiful sight to behold. After the nikkah the guests tucked into a variety of dishes served on golden platters by efficient waiters. The delicious food and drinks kept coming. They served over ten different varieties of food and many guests were choosing their favourites leaving their previous choices wasted. Three degs of food remained untouched, tables with heaps of food on golden plates were being emptied only for the food to be thrown into black bin packets, glasses half filled with cool drinks or juice being emptied down the drain.The degs of food being distributed amongst the same family and friends who already had their tummy and fridges packed with food.

The war in Syria left a wealthy family destitute. They always had food on their tables. Every Eid they would invite all their friends and family for a delicious meal at their home. After a bomb turned their shop into ashes they soon decided to leave Aleppo and settle in Turkey. The day they were scheduled to leave a bomb hit their home killing her husband and leaving her three children orphaned and without a penny. The siege was long and they lived on the streets,with no food or water she gave her children grass and roots to eat just to keep them from collapsing due to hunger.

The world we live in is selfish and cold. We waste food and water everyday not realising the value of it until oneday we have to go to bed hungry and thirsty. Allah has given us precious water and wholesome food to appreciate and sustain our hunger and thirst yet we are wasteful and negligent of these beautiful gifts. Do we not see the children of Africa starving to death? Are our hearts not weeping for our brothers and sisters in war torn countries who are eating grass and leaves just to stay alive? Are our emotions numbed when we see people looking into dirt bins for food? Are we blind to the babies on the street crying for a bottle of milk? Do we not realize the evil and sin of being wasteful?

Let us try to empty our fridge of all the food we have stored in containers by not throwing it away but giving to the next beggar you see at your door or at the robot. Let us teach our children to appreciate what we eat and value whatever food we have before it becomes what we had. Let us donate the leftover food from functions to the hungry families on the street. Let us carry a few sandwiches or fruits to gift to the lady sweeping the road or give a bottle of water to the child begging under the heat of the scorching sun. This small act of kindness will quench the throat of a thirsty child or fill the belly of a hungry beggar yet the mercy from Allah may guarantee your entrance into Jannah.

*Let us not be amongst those who are wasteful.*

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