All praise solely belong to Allah Ta’laa, Lord of the Universe, the seven skies and the seven earths and whatever is between them; Peace and Salutations be upon our Master, the pride of creation and the embodiment of light, Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah al-Mustapha (صلى الله عليه وسلم).


The presence of false ideologies has been designed by Allah Ta’ala Himself to test His servants on earth – those who are Muslims and claim to uphold His Deen, as to how pained they become at their presence. If we claim to have a strong bond with Allah, His Word (the Qur’an), His beloved Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم), those who carried this Deen to the four corners of this world (the illustrious Sahabah), then to what extent will we go in defending His deen. It’s really a matter of the heart and of allegience.


If Allah so wished, He could’ve not allowed His disodience to take place at all on earth. The angels in the sky, the stars and planets, the creatures beneath the sea, and everything in nature follows a law that Allah has stipulated for them, so a few people here and there disobeying Allah doesn’t really affect His Majesty and Status. But if Allah’s Majesty is not affected, what should be really affected is our hearts, the heart that bears the love of Allah Ta’aala and is willing to die for Him in order to meet Allah on the Day of Judgement with a sense of satisfaction –  for surely this is a meeting that none can avert. Alhough Allah does not need me and you to defend His Deen, this is a challenge that all people of honour and dignity should willingly embrace.


Those who reject Allah or who disobey Him on earth surely do not deserve to live here, but those who allow His disobedience on the same earth, by the same token, also do not deserve to live here. Truth-loving people need to make themselves deserving of the grace of Allah by upholding the Truth, even at the cost of giving their lives. The pride of creation, Muhammad al-Mustapha (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said in this regard: “When trials become manifest and my Companions are abused, then the learned should reveal their knowledge. Whoever does not, then upon him is the curse of Allaah, His angels, and the entire mankind. No obligatory nor optional prayers will be accepted of him.” Thus, there is no choice on whether to defend Islam or not, the choice is only in the manner and technique in doing so.


In South Africa, Muslims barely constitute 2% of a population of 50 million, so we are living amidst 98% of disbelief. Some systems of disbelief are open (like Christianity and Zionism), some so are not.  Some come in the disguise of belief (like Shi’ism), whilst others state their deviation openly (like Qadianism). The vast majority of disbeleivers practice their religion peacefully, without causing hostility towards others, but two cults do not do so: the Shi’ahs and the Atheists, also known as the Secular Imperialists. Both of these sinister ideologies have huge resources at their disposal, as well as political and military might to enforce their devilish agendas in the world. If others are living in peace besides them, they will ensure that such peace is broken.


Confronting the above two forces in today’s times is not confined to academic debates and religious discourse only. Appealing for good sense to prevail, or for their good conscience to prick them, or the sight of the suffering humanity in this world, means nothing to the crafty and conniving blood-thirsty Shi’ah. Both have evolved over many centuries, and both have agendas that are devastating to both our worldly and spiritual lives. The fight of which ‘Aqeedah (dominant ideology) and religion prevails in this world is not like choosing a soccer club like Manchester United over Liverpool, but it’s a fight of who will emerge dominant and who  will ultimately win. More than often, the outcome is determined not on paper, but on the battleground. One would be incredibly blind not to realize the truth of the above in the light of all modern-day wars.


Sadly, the spread of Shi’ism has reached pandemic proportions in South Africa. This did not happen suddenly. We were aware of this scourge from 1980 already, but a unified and a popular effort was not made to dispel it. Shi’ism is a chameleon in the tree. It advances under the very noses of man. If you are not looking for it, you will not find it. In the 35 years since the Revolution, this is exactly what has happened. They have made friends with our friends as well as our enemies, they have made political allies with our political allies and adversaries, they have made our country their country, and our family and community their community. And all the while we knew, but didn’t know.


But it’s never late. A believer is never despondent. This is where we have slipped up and what we can do to remedy the situation:


1)       Our erudite scholars have not made the protection of ‘Aqeedah and the struggle to purify Islam from foreign ideas, their priority. Rather, each one is busy in their respective fields of activity, oblivious of this great danger. The time has come to reverse this;

2)       Many sincere Muslims have been brainwashed by the poison of secularist thought. For them, a successful life means a steady income and a comfortable life. If this is achieved, everthing else means nothing. There is no need to challenge anyones beliefs, or create unnnecesary tension in society. Everyone is entitled to belief in whatvever they want to, no matter how obnoxious it is. The mindset of a “cushiony lifestyle” being the ultimate objective of one’s life needs to be changed;

3)       No one really knows how to confront the advance of Shi’ism in SA. When news of the Shi’ah opening a new temple or a new centre is heard, everyone is at a loss as to how to confront it. Unity and a clear strategy are needed on all levels to stem this tide. We need to put our petty squabbles aside and unite on issues such as this. Writing and speaking about it alone is not sufficient;

4)       We need to attach ourselves to authentic sources of knowledge like the learned ‘Ulema to seek guidance from, or to movements to safeguard our imaan so that we are not unwittingly led astray. Remember that you can be a practicing and sincere Muslim, with a desire to do good, but you can still be led astray. Without the correct knowledge and the correct ‘Aqeedah, all your efforts can be wasted away.


Lastly, every Muslim must know the basics of Shi’ism in order to be aware of it. Loving Islam or attending a Seeratus Sahabah jalsah alone is not sufficient to protect your imaan. In the world of propaganda, the golden rule is: “He who influences you first, wins.”  If you know what Shi’ism is really all about, and when an attempt is made to cast doubts in your mind about Islam, then you will be saved. But if you do not know the basis of Shi’ism, doubts will easily be planted in your mind, even whilst being an ardent lover of the Sahabah. Then to reverse these doubts will be very difficult, and maybe even impossible.


This booklet by Shaikh Salahuddeen ‘Azzam is designed to achive this purpose. We pray to Allah to accept this humble effort, crown it with the grace of His acceptance, and protect our imaan from corrosion – Ameen.


Was Salaam


Awakening of Islam, SA

K. Dhorat

10th November 2014\

Click below for Shi’sm Booklet:

Shi’ism for Dummies.pdf

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