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Reciting aloud in Nafl Salaah

Question:  May one read Nafl Salaah aloud during the day if one is reading alone? Can I recite aloud in Nafl Salaah during the night?  Answer:  There is no record of it being the practice of Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) or the Sahabah to recite aloud in regular Nafl Salaah …

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Repetition of Istikharah

Title: Do I have to repeat my Istikharah if I have done it a few months before getting married? Question: I would like to know the specifics if istighara regarding marriage. If one performs istighara a few months before deciding to marry someone, is this istighara valid, or does the …

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I work 180Km from home, Am I a Musafir?

Question:  I work approximately 180km from home (town ‘N’) & stay with students (town ‘U’). I go back home either at the end of the week (work: Monday – Friday= 5days) or at the end of 2nd week (work: Monday to Sunday to Friday=12 days). My family will move down …

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How do I pray Salaah at home with my wife following me?

Question:   Please advise the procedure of how Salaah should be performed if the husband and wife perform Salaah at home.   Answer:   The wife should stand directly behind the husband and the husband should lead the Salaah by making the intention that he is leading a female in …

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Can one wipe his nose in Salaah if it is dripping?

Question: I would like to know of any ruling regarding the use of a handkerchief/ tissue in salaah. a) Can one hold it in salaah and use it when needed in salaah? b) Can one retrieve it from a pocket whilst in salaah? c) Can one blow the nose (loudly …

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Salaah on an Airplane

Question: I would like to know if a person performs his Fardh Salaah in an airplane will he have to repeat his Salaah, when he lands? Jazakumullah. Answer: It is permissible to pray Salaah on an airplane whilst it is in motion. It is advisable to repeat the Salaah after landing …

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