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Marriage of Children

 Marriage of Children As soon as the children cross the age of childhood and reach adolescence, the parent’s responsibilities and anxieties take a new turn. The parents of fully grown up sons start dreaming of a house full of happiness, as their sons will bring in daughters-in-law; and, in the …

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Beware INCEST Beware

Incest, in whatever form, is a very grave and detrimental sin in the viewpoint of the Shari’ah. Not only does this heinous act result in great punishment in the hereafter, but in the very world it sets off a frightening chain reaction. Consider the following Sharee ruling: Should a man …

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Harms of Ignorance in Matrimonial Matters

How entangled people are in age-old traditions and self-made norms and regulations is reflected, even in the modern era, in the innumerable domestic disputes, for whose Islamic solutions people usually contact me. It isn’t only their retrogressive attitude that is a matter of concern, but their being ignorant of the …

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Husband’s Obligations

Have you ever pondered over the Khutbah which the Imaam recited to you before you enthusiastically uttered ‘Nakahtuhaa Wa Qabiltuhaa Wa Tazawwajtuhaa?’ Let me help you and shed some light over this contract which you have made yourself party to, that is ‘The Nikah Contract’. The Imaam recited to you …

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  The Muslim Ummah is presently faced with an unprecedented increase in the number of marriages ending in divorce. Previously uttering the word ‘Talaaq’ was viewed very seriously. However, nowadays, Talaaq has been severely trivialised and for any petty issue the husband pronounces Talaaq in anger. In most cases this …

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A Rife and Disgraceful Practice

A shameless and disgraceful trend observed nowadays among some of our Muslim brothers and even Muslim sisters, is the practice of discussing intimate bedroom and sexual secrets with friends and acquaintances. Sometimes, these discussions take place in the presence of even relative strangers without a care in the world. Such …

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