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The Muslim Woman

Why Should I Marry?

  Introduction Marriage in Islam Why marry? Marriage and its Connection with Fornication and Homosexuality The Knock-on Effects of Fornication and Homosexuality Marriage and Masturbation A Final Word Regarding Marriage   Introduction In light of modern day, what is marriage? What does it mean? The Collins Paperback English Dictionary states …

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Why are the rules different for husband vs wife?

Question: In Islam, a man has options to choose from when his wife misbehaves or does something displeasing. For example, negotiating, then leaving her bedroom, etc. My question is, what if a man misbehaves? Does the woman have any options? What if he does something extremely horrible? What can she …

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Corrupting Hijab part 3 – Choice or Obligation

Bint Ahmad Sulaymaan “The headscarf is my choice and I wasn’t forced to wear it,” we hear this often, “I choose to wear the niqab. My husband doesn’t force me to.” It’s excellent that women choose it. Except, most times it’s said to soothe non-Muslims rampaging against our imaginary suppression, …

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Camel Hump Hijabs

Nasihah (Advice): Awrah Sayyiduna Abu Saeed Khudri Radhiyallahu Anhu reports that Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “A man is not to look at the ‘Awrah of a man, and a woman is not to look at the ‘Awrah of a woman. A man is not to be alone with a …

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Correct Manner/Method or Definition of Hijab?

Question: I wanted to know about a matter concerning the RIGHT hijaab What is the proper hijaab? I mean so many different hijaabs are to choose from, Could you please tell us where it says that the hijaab SHOULD be LONG (JILBAAB) over the chest (Question published as received) Answer: …

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Corrupting Hijab, Capitalising on modesty

Bint Assalaam – Every Muslim woman knows hijab is compulsory. Whether she denies it, or gives reasons to make it less obligatory than internal goodness, or whether she tries to say that man has “misinterpreted” the obligations stipulated by Allah SWT in the noble Quraan. Deep down every Muslim woman knows hijab is compulsory. Aside …

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