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Pepuda Bill

The State has issued a paper for public comment entitled: “The Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Amendment Bill (PEPUDA) which will have far reaching consequences and implications for Muslims in particular and on all religious communities in general. The Bill seeks to amend the existing Act (i.e. …

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Monthly Debit Order Form

  HELP SUPPORT YOUR JAMIAT IN SERVING THE UMMAH!   For your convenience, we now accept direct debit order donations.   A debit order offers you a convenient and easy way to make donations on a monthly basis.   Kindly consider completing a debit order for Lillah (Sadaqah) even if …

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Reversion Forms

The Jamiat has received a number of calls with regards to the burial rites of reverts who have passed away and their bodies are in the custody of their non-Muslim families. In many instances the families refuse to release the bodies to be buried under Islamic rites and bury or …

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Jamiat KZN Marriage Registration Procedure

  For marriage registration purposes at the Jamiat KZN office, the following legal requirements must be adhered to: 1) An Ante-nuptial Contract excluding the accrual system must be drawn up by an attorney. Cost in drawing up an ANC Contract may vary (You may contact the Jamiat for advice). 2) …

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Tribute To Hafez Abdul Kader Fakroodeen (RA)

  (19/08/63 – 27/02/21)   KNOWN BY MANY – LOVED BY ALL   Hafez Saheb hailed from the Fakroodeen family and was the second youngest sibling of a total of nine. His father was Marhoom Sayed Ebrahim Fakroodeen (Sayed Saheb) who was one of the pioneers of Tabligh Jamaat work …

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