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From the Holy Quran

From the Holy Quran


Sura Number:101

THEME : Terrors of the day of Qiyaamah/Weighing of Deeds.

In The Name of The Almighty Allah.The Most Beneficial,The Most Merciful

  1. The striking event!
  2. What is the striking event!
  3. And what may let you know what the striking event is?
  4. (It will happen) on that day when people will be like scattered moths.
  5. And the mountains will be like carded wool.
  6. Then,the one whose scales of good deeds are heavy.
  7. He will be in a pleasurable life.
  8. But he whose scales are light
  9. He will have his home in “Haawiyah” (A pit in Jahannam).
  10. And what would make you know what it is?(Haawiyaah)
  11. (It is) a blazing fire!


The surah opens with descriptions of the unfolding horrors of the day of doom and destruction and thereafter moves on to describe the fortunate and unfortunate ones of that day.Those whose weight of deeds will be heavy will be the inheritors of Jannah(A pleasurable life) and as for those whose weight of deeds will be light,they will be the wretched and unfortunate denizens of Jahannam.(May Allah Ta’aala protect us all.Aameen.)


We learn from this surah :

1.The dreadful events that will occur on the day of Qiyaamah and the plight of mankind on that critical day.

2.That on the day of Qiyaamah the deeds of man will be weighed.

3.A heavy scale will spell fortune and goodness(Jannah) whilst a light scale will spell doom and wretchedness (Jahannam).

We have been created and placed on this earth for a very short and limited period.In this period we are expected to fill these scales of good deeds which will be presented in the court of Allah Ta’aala very soon.Righteous actions(A’maale Saaliha) will add weight to our scales whilst impious actions(A’maale Sayi’aa) will make light our scales.

Amongst the acts that assist in increasing the weight of our scales in our favour are the zhikr of “Subhaanal laahi wa bi ham di hee, Subhaanal laahil azeem”.Nabi(sal lal laahu alay hi wa sal lam) has described these words as “Light on the tongue”,”Beloved to Allah Ta’aala” and”Heavy on the scales”.

May Allah Ta’aala endow us with the tawfeeq of ladening our scales with good deeds for presentation in his divine court tomorrow, and make them a means of our speedy admittance into Janaah.

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