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Surah Kahf in Brief

We often think that we living in a time still far away from the appearance of Dajjaal. However, we are living in a time of ‘dajaaliyat’ – many dajaals that are the bait so that we are already consumed by Dajaal on his appearance. In actual fact, we are living in a time of the imminent appearance of Imaam Mahdi. Just as is the story of the youth of Surah Kahf who were righteous in their oppressive surroundings Allah removed them from their circumstances and protected them by putting them to sleep in the cave. We need to remove ourselves from the dajaliyat of this world so Allah can put us in a ‘cave’.

Lessons from Surah Kahf

1. Bring Allah on the tongue again (insha Allah masha Allah)
2.Read quraan daily (tilawat). Quran will remove any poison from your world. Quran is the magnet that will keep man connected to his Creator.
3. Find the company of people who’s hearts have been connected with Allah. They only talk of Allah not of this world. They will help you remove the love u have of this world and take u closer to aakhirah.
4. Don’t be shy of your Islam. Your izzat is through your Islam.
Your house has been created to get dirty. Your dishes have been created to break. Your world as you know it is going to come and go. We are not created to live in this luxury. We are created to live in this time of dajaliyat and be people of the cave.

Lessons from Khidr (as) interaction with Moosa (as)

1. Many things will happen around u that u don’t understand, never ever question it. Don’t ever think there’s no reason for it. Because our intelligence is zero compared to Allahs knowledge.

2. If u want to protect your deen in the era of dajaliyat don’t make a show of your deen. Salvation of Muslims in this world lies in having a boat with a hole. Sending our Islam to the world in a manner that when anyone has to look at it will not be threatened by it.

3. You will see a lot of blood. Allah has written a lot of good in that decision. Around the world u will see blood. After that blood a lot of good is going to happen. To protect Imaan from leaving the families in Shaam Allah has drawn a lot of blood. Allah is going to make a huge door of hidayat open for them. Evident by the current war in Syria. A year ago Damascus and it’s inhabitants were the most modern, western-influenced in the Arab lands, people were Muslim by name. Today every person there is a living mujahid. Allah is preparing the army of Imaam Mahdi as this is the land he will come from. A sign of his imminent arrival.

4.Your treasures will remain hidden beneath walls. Madressahs are happening in rooms/garages. Taalims are happening in homes but with this effort ,at the end, your quraan will become a practical expression in your life.

In conclusion: If you really want to understand what Is luxury then work for the aakhirah. As we live in this world don’t fall in the world. Man was created to die.

May Allah enable us to practice on what appears to be seemingly simple lessons.

From a lecture on the brief synopsis of Surah Kahf at a ladies programme on Friday, the 30th May, in Brits.

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